Open Netherland Dwarf Best in Show

2017 ARBA Convention Results Indianapolis

Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by The Rabbit Smarties Team

Well the 2017 National Rabbit Show has entered into the realm of memory at last.  20,000+ rabbits, 5,000 exhibitors and hundreds more attendees.  Years of preparation and uncounted hours of work.  Stress. Giggles. Friends. Connections.  Bunnies.  Lots and lots of Bunnies.

We’re posting ARBA Convention Results here as we come across them.  In addition, you can watch our Tuesday recap video of convention, which includes quite a bit of footage of the Best in Show selection.  In fact, watch the REW in the bottom cage next to judge Wade Burkhalter as he announces the youth BIS.  It looks like the bunny throws confetti.  😀



BIS – Netherland Dwarf by Jeanette, Joseph, and Jordan Rassmussen.

Best of Group Winners:

1 – Mini Rex, Sarah Compart
2 – Netherland Dwarf, Jeanette Rassmussen
3 – Holland Lop, Jenny Poprawski
4 – Belgian Hare, Jeff Hardin



BOB – Drady/Casartelli
BOS – Lorena & Elyse Ferchaud

American Chinchilla

BOB – Bryan Clum
BOS – Bryan Clum

American Fuzzy Lop

BOB – Carol Green
BOS – Linda & Gabrielle Hibbert

American Sable

BOB – Donna & Alan Brown
BOS – Dennis & Connie Campbell

Argente Brun

BOB – Jordan Miner
BOS – Kathleen Poe

Belgian Hare

BOB – Jeff Hrdin
BOS – Jeff Hardin


BOB – Neil & Hannah Dunlap
BOS – Kim Calloway

Blanc de Hotot

BOB – Samantha Sessaman
BOS – Roy & Barb Semb

Britannia Petite

BOB – Tara & Rhonda Wolf
BOS – Daniel Saunier


BOB – Randy Shumaker / Jon Herbert
BOS – Shelley Ruland

Champagne d’Argent

BOB – Gary/Phyllis Glisan
BOS – Ricky/Amy Duvall

show winning champage d Argent rabbit
Best Opposite Sex of Breed Champage d’Argent Rabbit shown by Amy Duvall. Photo by Rabbit Smarties


Giant Chinchilla

BOB – Dan Brink
BOS – Dan Brink


Holland Lop

BOB – Jenny Proprawski
BOS – Cindi Hinton

Best of Breed Holland Lop also won Best of Group. Jenny Poprawski of Illinois.


BOB – Kaela/Nita Shannon
BOS – Suzanne Hansen



BOB – Joel & Nichole Marshall
BOS – Carrie Thompson & Greg Faw



Best in Show – American Fuzzy Lop by Lena Magee

Best of Group Winners

Group 1 – Dutch by Kailey, Keagan, and Kayden Hockerman

Group 2 –  Californian by Mallory Butler

Group 3 – American Fuzzy Lop by Lena Magee

Group 4 – Florida White by Dakota Manning



BOB – Drady/Casartelli

BOS – Lorena & Elyse Ferchaud

American Chinchilla