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Rabbit Care Information

  •  Cold-weather Rabbit Care – Bunnies can live outdoors when it’s freezing and snowing, but they need some extra protection.  Here are some tips

Rabbit Equipment Information

Rabbit Breeding Information

  • Line is Fine What is the purpose of line breeding?  Is it really important for building a quality herd?

Rabbit Genetics Information

  • Himalayan Rabbit Genetics – A discussion of the temperature-sensitive qualities of the Himalayan/Californian rabbit color.
  • Self Chinchilla Rabbit Genetics  – One of our best articles, this post explains why some “black” rabbits have blue-gray eyes, and how the chinchilla gene works on normal-coated rabbits.

Rabbit Showing Information

  • Starting in Show Rabbits –  If you’re looking to get into raising show rabbits, stop here first.  This article will point you in the right direction.

4-H and ARBA Youth Contest Study

Miscellaneous Rabbit Articles

  • There IS a breed called the Silver –  Information about this ancient and little-known breed of rabbit.  And yes, it’s ARBA recognized!