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What can a rabbit do?

At Rabbit Smarties, we believe that the Bunny is the most versatile animal on the planet.   They are finely-bred show animals.  They are athletes that can leap over obstacles many times their height.  Some produce wool that is seven times softer and warmer than that of a sheep.  As companions, they are quiet, easy to care for, and provide hours of entertainment.  For the homesteader, they feed hungry children, consume your garden scraps, and are high-output fertilizer factories.  For the family with school-age kids, they teach compassion, responsibility, and and the importance of hard work.  The large community surrounding the rabbit hobby is filled with adults and children that quickly become fast friends and are very supportive of one another.  The rabbit world is a great place to be.

What does Rabbit Smarties do?

We are here to promote the well-keeping of rabbits in all of their capacities, and help your rabbit experience begin as smoothly as possible.  We offer training through books, videos, and our blog to help you avoid common mistakes and start out strong with your bunny project.

Videos from 2017 ARBA Convention, Indianapolis

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Rabbit Care Information

  •  Cold-weather Rabbit Care – Bunnies can live outdoors when it’s freezing and snowing, but they need some extra protection.  Here are some tips

Rabbit Equipment Information

Rabbit Breeding Information

  • Line is Fine What is the purpose of line breeding?  Is it really important for building a quality herd?

Rabbit Genetics Information

  • Himalayan Rabbit Genetics – A discussion of the temperature-sensitive qualities of the Himalayan/Californian rabbit color.
  • Self Chinchilla Rabbit Genetics  – One of our best articles, this post explains why some “black” rabbits have blue-gray eyes, and how the chinchilla gene works on normal-coated rabbits.

Rabbit Showing Information

  • Starting in Show Rabbits –  If you’re looking to get into raising show rabbits, stop here first.  This article will point you in the right direction.

4-H and ARBA Youth Contest Study

Miscellaneous Rabbit Articles

  • There IS a breed called the Silver –  Information about this ancient and little-known breed of rabbit.  And yes, it’s ARBA recognized!