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Welcome to the Rabbit Smarties Catalog. Here you’ll find the fruit of hundreds of hours spent studying for 4-H and ARBA royalty contests. Let our experience guide you and your project members to success at fair or convention, or just in your rabbitry. These are some of the many resources you’ll find in our publications: a rabbit showmanship guide, descriptions of every breed of rabbit and cavy, extensive explanations of how to show rabbits and cavies, tips for ARBA royalty and Breed ID contests, instructions on how to feed, breed, and groom rabbits and cavies, and more! All of our books are heavily illustrated and printed in full color. Our publications use learning aids such as charts, graphs, photos, drawings, quizzes, activities, and games to help you quickly master the knowledge you need to excel in your rabbit or cavy project.

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The Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide. Updated for 2011. Our bestselling publication to date, this book is written to help young 4-H and ARBA members excel with their rabbit project. The Study Guide is rich in advice on rabbit care, health, showing, and breeding, and includes expert study tips for contests like 4-H showmanship and ARBA royalty. Designed to be a 4-H rabbit leader’s aid, the pages may be reproducedfor use in a club setting. Includes an abundance of charts and color photos. 72 pages. Full Color. $20.00 Click the cover for more information and sample pages!
  A book About Bunny Colors. At last! Here’s a practical breeder’s guide to understanding coat color genetics in a way that can quickly help you in your breeding. Application-based explanations teach you how to anticipate the outcomes of your litters, identify unknown varieties, develop a color breeding program, eliminate color faults, and much more! Relaxed language, at-a-glance charts and 80+ color photos make grasping the mysteries of coat color genetics seem not so hard after all. 64 Pages. Full Color. $20.00 Click the cover for more information and sample pages!

Cavy Savvy 2-in-1: Study Guide and Activity Book. Modeled after our two bestselling rabbit publications, Cavy Savvy 2-in-1 is a combination study guide and activity book all about guinea pigs. The study guide section includes advice from successful breeders on purchasing, showing, grooming, breeding, and caring for cavies. Many of the activities in section 2 help enforce the knowledge from the study guide; others, like “Cavy in the Navy” are just for having a fun time. Cavy Savvy 2-in-1 is ideal for both the novice guinea pig owner and for youth studying for ARBA royalty contests. Includes an abundance of color photos. 60 pages. Full Color. $20.00 Click the cover for more information and sample pages!
  Bunny Smarties. This book contains 70+ activities to please and puzzle the young and old. Includes bunny-themed word searches, mazes, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, coloring pages, and picture games help you learn about rabbits. Suitable for classrooms, gifts, and novice rabbit owners.Includes color photos and answer key. 48 pages. Full Color. $12.00

Seasonal Country Coloring and More.  Seasonal Country Coloring & More contains coloring pages and puzzles with appealing and diverse country themes.  Activities feature rural, farm, and nature scenes and subjects from spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Would complement 4-H club meetings across several projects, or it is suitable for people of all ages who enjoy coloring pleasant pictures.

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