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Animal raising can be an expensive hobby. Rabbit breeders can always use a little help with the feed bill. Well, guess what: without putting out any money you can partner with Rabbit Smarties to promote our books and earn a profit! Here’s how:

1. E-mail us letting us know that you want to become a Rabbit Smarties Partner. We’ll send you marketing materials including a catalog, flyers, business cards, book samples, and order forms.

2. Promote our Publications. Set up a display at your show table or show the samples to other breeders. 4-H leaders and members snap up our publications!

3. Take orders and payment and forward them to Rabbit Smarties.

4. We’ll ship the orders and send you your commission!

Contact us for details.

Baby Polish
Baby broken black polish rabbit

8 thoughts on “Become our Partner”

  1. My daughters and I joined a local 4h group this past year and we are turning our bunny project into a rabbitry. The Mane Attraction is the name of our rabbitry. We are working on our website, is not currently up, but will be soon. We would love to sell you books at all the rabbit shows we attend. and on our website. please give me some info on how we do can that!



    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for your interest. I will be contacting you privately with some information.

      Happy Easter!


  2. Hello!
    I have been raising rabbits for some time now, but I am also the rabbit leader of our local 4H club! Your products look very nice, and I would be interested in them for myself, as well as selling them at local rabbit shows and to the local 4H groups. Our Cavy group my also be interested in something. Please let me know how I would go about doing that!

  3. We have two of your books which I use with my Rabbit 4-H club. The kids love them! I would be interested in selling your products at the various rabbit shows and fairs that my children and I attend, as well as selling them off my website.

    1. That is a super cool idea. At present, we don’t have playing cards, but that is definitely something to consider putting together in the future.

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