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Swedish Duck Coloring Page – Rabbit Smarties : Creative Resources for Rabbit Keepers

Swedish Duck Coloring Page

Featured Coloring Page from Seasonal Country Coloring and More

Swedish Duck farm coloring page
This coloring page features a drawing of a Swedish duck at range, meandering across a dirt road or path on a farmstead.  The Swedish is an old breed of duck from Europe, where blue ducks have been popular for a long time.  Blue is the only standard variety in this breed, and these ducks are a blue slate color with brownish legs.  Swedish Ducks can also be black, silver, splashed, or steel colors.  Swedish ducks have an attractive white bib and two or three of the outer wing flight feathers should also be white, according to the American show standard.  Swedish ducks have qualities as pets and as general purpose farm ducks, including egg-laying.  However, it is not a very common breed.  Behind the duck in the picture are yellow flowers, called Salsify, which open and close to bloom mostly during morning hours.

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