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Springtime Robin in Puddle Sample Coloring Page – Rabbit Smarties : Creative Resources for Rabbit Keepers

Springtime Robin in Puddle Sample Coloring Page

Springtime Coloring Page from Seasonal Country Coloring and More

Robin Coloring Page

This robin picture is hand-drawn. The American Robin is a particularly familiar bird and it appears to find a common yard a quite habitable place to build a nest, sing, and forage from early spring into summer. Robins seem to be attracted to puddles, as they may hop or run around them, or wade into them to hunt or take a refreshing splash. Along with a rusty red breast, the robin has a grayish back, and partly yellow beak. The head, tail, and wing flight feathers are generally dark, but note there are white markings around the eyes and on the throat, and lighter edges on the wing feathers. Note that the male’s head is coal black, though the female shows slightly lighter coloration on her head and breast.

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