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Wintertime Maple Syrup Kitchen Coloring Page from Seasonal Country Coloring and More

Country kitchen with pancakes

This coloring page depicts an old fashioned kitchen in the end of winter season. This is the time of year when maple syrup is collected, which is often used with pancakes, as in the picture. This syrup is made just from the sap of maple trees, maily the sugar maple. Maple syrup comes mostly from the northeastern and north-central US, and adjoining parts of Canada, where the conditions are right for these trees and syrup production. The weather in February and/or March chills the trees at night and warms them in the daytime, ideally with sunny skies. At that time, the sap which has begun to run drips from the trees where they are tapped. A traditional method for syrup-making involves collecting sap from a buckets on the trees into a horse-drawn tank, which is then pulled down to a “Sugar House.” There the syrup is significantly concentrated by heating, about 40 gallons to one, as it is only about 2-6% sugar when raw. The collecting season ends when the trees are budding in the spring and the flavor of the sap changes.

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