Baby Polish Bunnies and Hutch Cute Coloring Page

Cute Baby Bunnies and Hutch Coloring Page from Seasonal Country Coloring and More

cute baby bunnies coloring page

This is a coloring page in which baby rabbits are shown upon a straw bale in front of a rabbit hutch. Rabbitries where rabbits are raised are often in the country. These baby rabbits, or kits, are drawn as Polish breed rabbits, the way they may look at three and a half weeks old. When kits are very young they have their eyes shut. Polish rabbits are popular for showing and 4-H, and are sometimes pets. The recognized colors in Polish are black, blue, chocolate, blue-eyed white, ruby-eyed white, and broken pattern. Broken pattern is shown on the left kit in the picture, where the color is patchy and the remainder is white. Straw bales are often kept at a rabbitry for various purposes, such as nest box material, insulation, and as a feed supplement. Sometimes a hutch is used to hold the wire cages in which rabbits are kept.

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