Country Coloring and Activity Puzzle Book

A Coloring Book with Farm and Nature Scenes from the four Seasons

Seasonal Country Coloring & More contains coloring pages and puzzles with an appealing country theme.  Activities feature rural, farm, and nature scenes and subjects from spring, summer, fall, and winter.  The coloring pages in this book may be suited to levels of both simple and artistic coloring styles.  Coloring tips are included at the beginning of this book to give a few optional art and crayon techniques for more refined and realistic coloring, which may make your pictures more attractive.  The intermixed puzzles in this book include word searches, mazes, and a variety of others.  Try Seasonal Country Coloring & More for a pleasant, hands-on activity with a country theme.


40+ pages. $5.50. Comb binding that lays open while coloring.  Printed in the United States




Rural country coloring page scenes
Country coloring pages including a horse and sleigh, a duck, a woodpecker, a farm scene, and other pictures
Coloring book farm scenes
Coloring and activity book pages with a country or farm or nature theme


Coloring page topics include farm animals such as bunnies, horses, pigs, cows, chicken, and a domestic duck; rural scenes such as a water wheel, hen house, corn field with blackbirds, hummingbirds, and a garden; and nature themes such as a chipmunk, robin, fall leaves, and more.

Free Farm Pig Coloring Page to Download

Click the image below to download a free sample coloring page from Seasonal Country Coloring and more, featuring a cute pig on a farm.

Pig farm coloring page
Click to download a free printable farm coloring page

Learn more about the stories behind the pages in this book by clicking the thumbnails below.

baby rabbits and hutch robin in springtimeswedish duckOld fashioned country kitchen with pancakes