KBtatts Bunny Balm

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Make tattoo-time peaceful.  Sound unrealistic?  This amazing balm with calming lavender, beeswax, and vitamin E not only smells so good, but is extremely practical!  Coating the rabbit’s ear with a small amount *before* tattooing will help keep the ink from running.  The olive oil helps guard against infection and promotes healing.  Specially formulated to be safe for bunnies.  Also great for sore hocks!

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One tin of specialty “bunny balm”  — specially developed for tattooing.  Coating the inside of the ear with this balm before tattooing reduces ink running, helps seal the ink in, and prevent infection and promote healing.

Ingredients: olive oil, beeswax, mango & cocoa butter, lavender, rosemary oil, and vitamin E.

*HEAT SENSITIVE ITEM*  May decline/delay shipping in very warm weather.


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