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A Closer Look at the Lionhead Rabbit



Many of you might have already heard about a relatively new rabbit breed, the lionhead rabbit. This amazing rabbit breed is becoming more and more popular within the United States and therefore we provide you with a closer look. The breed was officially accepted by the ARBA as a domestic breed of rabbits in February of 2014 and already had a longer history within the United Kingdom.

Different mane types

It is obvious that the reason why this breed differs from others it that lionheads have a wooly mane which makes them unique and appealing. There are however different so called mane types. A lionhead rabbit is either single maned or double maned. This is because of genetics, for example, if your doe is single maned it means that she has one copy of the gene that produces her mane. A double maned doe has two copies. The biggest difference is that double maned lionheads are more covered with wool. In addition, the wool of single maned lionheads might diminish over time. As a result double maned are more popular.


lionhead babies
Lionhead rabbit babies at birth


Is my lionhead single or double maned?

How do you know whether your lionhead is either single or double maned? You can only find out when your lionhead is becoming full-grown and his mane is developed or at birth. It is very easy to spot whether your single or double maned babies when they are born. If you notice a v pattern at their back they are double maned. If you don’t notice a pattern at all they are single maned.




How to care for a Lionhead

When it comes to caring for lionhead rabbits it is somewhat similar to caring for other rabbit breeds. Provide fresh water at all time, make sure there is enough hay and optionally complement their diet with pellets. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that having a good looking wooly mane also requires some extra efforts. Therefore it is recommended to groom your lionhead on a daily basis. Make sure to visit http://lionheadrabbit.com/rabbit-care/ for more information on caring for these amazing rabbits.


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