Rabbit-themed activities that are great for 4-H clubs, 4-H rabbit teen leaders, ARBA royalty contest study, and more. We offer free printable activity sheets and sample pages from the Rabbit Smarties Activity Book.

ARBA Judge Study Test – Rabbit Faults and DQ’s

*Newsflash 9/12/13* I have an extensive ARBA Royalty/Registrar’s practice exam that I will give away free once we reach 100 likes on our new facebook page!  We’re more than halfway there, so like us and share the word and we will share the practice exam in appreciation! * Announcement! If you are a youth …

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Rabbit in 21 Languages from Around the World

*4-H Leaders!  Click here to download this post as a printable activity for your club!* In how many languages do you know the word for Rabbit?  Try to match the word to the language below! Language                            Word for Rabbit Belarusian                          Tavşan Danish                                   Coinín Dutch                                    konijn Read More!