Welcome to Rabbit Smarties.com!  Our family-friendly publications are designed to promote the understanding and enjoyment of animals.  While some of our material is suitable for any animal fan, many of our books are written specifically to help rabbit breeders find success and satisfaction with their projects.  Our publications are popular resources for 4-H rabbit project members and youth studying for ARBA royalty contests.  We have recently added new products and services to our catalog.  Please enjoy our website and the sample activity pages we offer.  If you see anything you like, or have any questions, please let us know!

sweet baby rabbits with ferns behind on a log


What does the 2013 ARBA Queen think of our publications?

“The Rabbit Smarties book and the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide have both been an extraordinary help to me in studying for competitions.  Rabbit Smarties is a great fun way to learn more about rabbits.  The Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide is a very educational book filled with tips on Breed ID, helpful illustrations, review quizzes, descriptions of each breed, and a showmanship guide.  The explanations are easy to understand and the books are very well written.  Through the helpful information in these books I was better prepared for the ARBA Royalty contests.  I won 2008 ARBA Princess and 2010 ARBA Duchess.”
-Miranda T. of Daydreamin’ Rabbitry

(Miranda also won 2011 Duchess after writing this review.  AND THEN 2013 ARBA Queen!  Wow! )


“My mom is the 4-H leader of our club, she has used the Rabbit Smarties book to add some fun activities to our 4-H meetings.  The kids really seem to enjoy it.  Then for the older kids the Breed ID Study Guide is very educational, it came in very handy for me while studying for Breed ID at 2008 Convention.  Then I went on to get 4th runner-up, the very first time I’d done a Breed ID competition.”  –Tiffany M. of Rustic Rabbitry

Favorite Blog Posts:

Rabbit Care Information

  •  Cold-weather Rabbit Care – Bunnies can live outdoors when it’s freezing and snowing, but they need some extra protection.  Here are some tips.
  • Keeping Rabbits in Top Condition– What can you feed your bunnies to give them an extra edge on the show table?  Are there some things more important than feed?

Rabbit Equipment Information

Rabbit Breeding Information

  • Line is Fine What is the purpose of line breeding?  Is it really important for building a quality herd?

Rabbit Genetics Information

  • Himalayan Rabbit Genetics – A discussion of the temperature-sensitive qualities of the Himalayan/Californian rabbit color.
  • Self Chinchilla Rabbit Genetics  – One of our best articles, this post explains why some “black” rabbits have blue-gray eyes, and how the chinchilla gene works on normal-coated rabbits.

Rabbit Showing Information

  • Starting in Show Rabbits –  If you’re looking to get into raising show rabbits, stop here first.  This article will point you in the right direction.
  • News on Rabbit Tattoos – The ARBA just passed a revision to the official Show Rules concerning ear numbers.  Make sure you’re informed.

4-H and ARBA Youth Contest Study

Miscellaneous Rabbit Articles

  •  DO NOT QUIT — Exposing the agenda of animal rights activists, and why it’s vital we fight against it.

Fun Bunny Stuff