How to Brush and Groom Texel Cavy (Guinea Pig) Coats

Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by The Rabbit Smarties Team

texel guinea pig broken color red and white
Photo by Sandy D.

The only cavy  breed with a curly, longhaired coat is the Texel.  Texel coats are quite unlike any other!  The hair on the head of a Texel is short and kinky; the rest of the coat is long and curls into corkscrews and ringlets. The undercoat will be curlier, but the guard hairs should show definite curl as well.  Emphasis in judging is on coat curl.

How do you groom a Texel cavy?  Should you brush a Texel cavy or wrap its coat? The answer is no.  Although wrapping and brushing will ruin a Texel coat, the care of a Texel can be just as time consuming as care of the other longhaired breeds.   Texels should not be housed on wood shavings because a shaving can be quickly caught up in a curly coat and begin a gigantic tangle.  Twice a day you should finger through your show Texel’s coat looking for knots.   This problem often starts around the hind legs.  It’s also important to keep a Texel’s toenails short so they do not catch in the coat.  Once a day you should mist your Texel’s ringlets with water and separate the larger locks with your fingers.  They should curl up nicely on their own.

What grooming aids should you use with Texels?   Should you give a Texel cavy a bath? As with any breed, the use of grooming chemicals is against ARBA and ACBA show rules, because the standards call for the cavy to be shown in its natural condition.   However, Texels can be bathed using a shampoo without conditioners.  Texels should never be blow-dried!  Instead, dab your Texel with a towel, then set it in a fresh cage wrapped in a fresh towel to dry.    There is an excellent article on Texels on the ACBA website.

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