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Free Downloads – Rabbit Smarties : Creative Resources for Rabbit Keepers

Free Downloads

Please enjoy these free resources! Here you’ll find sample pages from our books, as well as articles about rabbit raising and competition. We will continue to add material to this page. Be sure to check out our blog for more great resources! Sample pages are offered as .jpgs, and articles as word documents. If you would like any of these resources sent to you as pdf files instead, please send us an e-mail!New March 2013: Free Rabbit Record Keeping Sheets you can print and put in your pedigree binder!

rabbitry expenses chartrabbitry expenses chartrabbitry expenses chartrabbitry expenses chartrabbitry expenses chart

Additional sheets/formats available at this page.



New Rabbit Supply website launched!

We have your rabbit supply needs covered at!  We’ve got the essentials in cages, carriers, drop trays, cage stands, nest boxes, feeding and watering equipment, as well as valuable accessories such as EZ-mats, harnesses, cage card holders, and much more.  Visit to see our selection.

Featured Sample Page

Sample page from our newest title, "Cavy Savvy 2-in-1"
Enjoy these activities from our newest title,
“Cavy Savvy 2-in-1”

Other Pages from Cavy Savvy:        

Free Animal Activities and Puzzles
Can you find the cavies hiding in the cave?


Cavy Showmanship Questions
Cavy Showmanship Q/A

Care of Shorthaired Cavy Coats
Care of American and Teddy Coats
Free Animal Activities and Puzzles
Fun Cavy Puzzles

Check out these cool sample pages from our coat color genetics guide, “A book About Bunny Colors”

Coat Color Photos
Photos and Genotypes

Photos and genotypes of common colors
BEW's: Sapphires in the Snow

What colors will they throw?
What genes are my bunnies hiding?

Coat Color Genetics
"Hey--I think it's starting to make sense!"

Introduction to Breeding Squares
A few articles for your perusal…
“The Coolness of Himalayan” – Does climate really affect color? Ten Tips for becoming an ARBA rabbit registrar! Keeping Cavies Healthy
More articles on the way! Check out our blog for additional items of interest!
Check out these helpful sample pages from our Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide, your shortcut to success with your rabbit project!

Rabbit Study Guide Page
Do you want a medium-sized breed?

Rabbit Study Guide Page
Leaders: you may never have to explain the judging process again!

Rabbit Study Guide Page
Page from Illustrated Rabbit Showmanship Guide

Rabbit Study Guide Page
Rabbit Knowledge Test, page 1

Rabbit Study Guide Page
You gotta know cavies to win breed ID!
Now for the fun stuff! Print off these sample pages from our bunny puzzle books, Rabbit Smarties and Bunny Smarties!
Bunny Activity Page
Why do we love our bunnies?

Free Photos!We know that trying to get decent photos is one of the hardest parts of a rabbit poster project. Here are a few bunny photos that you can use for your fair project. We’d love it if you provided a link to our site, but it’s not required.

Bunny Activity Page
What breed is that?

Do you know your rabbit fur types?
Silver Rabbit Photo (Yes! A Real Silver! Not a silver fox or silver marten!)

Free Silver Rabbit Picture

Crossword Done Dwarfy

Silver Rabbit: Photo 2.


Free Silver Rabbit Picture


Rabbit Activity Book Page
Breed ID and More

Picture Puzzles and a Quiz
Polish Rabbit – broken chocolate


Free Polish Rabbit Picture


Do you know your bunny parts?

Wordsearch Duo

baby chocolate Polish