2019 Fair Season Sale

((Psst…Coupon code below!)) Hey, so what happened to Rabbit Smarties? My gosh, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Seriously, what happened in the past year? Well the short answer is, I kindled. Heh. It sounds so crude to apply rabbit terms to people, especially when you get to the breeding category, but I can’t …

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Open Netherland Dwarf Best in Show

2017 ARBA Convention Results Indianapolis

Well the 2017 National Rabbit Show has entered into the realm of memory at last.  20,000+ rabbits, 5,000 exhibitors and hundreds more attendees.  Years of preparation and uncounted hours of work.  Stress. Giggles. Friends. Connections.  Bunnies.  Lots and lots of Bunnies. We’re posting ARBA Convention Results here as we come across them.  In addition, you …

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