ARBA Convention 2011 Results and Pictures – Indianapolis

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*Note!  Click here for the 2012 Wichita Results Page.  This is the results page from last year.*


Final 2011 Results are now available on the ARBA website:


If you didn’t get to “Race to Indy” this year, you are probably eagerly searching for results and pictures from the 2011 ARBA national show that’s going on right now in Indianapolis.  As I learn of more results I will update this page, but for now, here’s what I’ve gathered and here are some links to sites with pictures!

*Last update 11/7  11:30pm*  Keep checking back!!!  More results are coming in.    If you hear of any BOB/BOS results that I don’t have listed please let me know.  I have been updating this page every day.  These are not guaranteed to be official results, but the news that is being passed around.


Check this out — also from Kristina.  ARBA convention video

Convention Pictures!!!

Kristina Ruth of Fuzzy Patch has pictures up on her facebook page.   Julie re-posted the pictures of the presentation animals that are trying to be accepted as new breeds and varieties.  Tim of Tru Luv Rabbitry has some neat shots also.  You can get some good pictures on the NCAG blog. Whitney put up a lot of good pictures of the Rhinelander judging.  And here’s a flickr album with some photos … caution, there’s a bit of swearing in the captions.

We’re so grateful to you for the updates!!!!

New Breed/Variety Presentation Results

Blue Rhinelanders, Silver Marten Mini Rex, and Blue Tortoise Netherland Dwarfs passed their third showing and will be fully accepted varieties as of February 1, 2012!

Click for a larger image.  Photo courtesy of Kristina.  Thanks!!!

Click for the results of the new breed and variety presentations

Best in Show Winners

BIS Live Tweeting!  A gentleman was live tweeting during the BIS ceremonies and you can read the recap here:!/search?q=%23arba2011 Or if the link doesn’t work, search #arba2011   Scroll to the bottom of this page for his few-paragraph summary.


BIS – New Zealand by Bob Crawford, NC

Group 1 winner: New Zealand.
Group 2 winner: Netherland Dwarf.
Group 3winner: Britannia Petite.  – Renee Goedderz
Group 4 winner: Mini Lop.

Youth BIS – Holland Lop by Riley and Reagan Crews of Florida.  Story is that this Holland Lop is 5 years old!  It was bred by Narrow Gate Farm and lives a pet life, running around the house!
Group 1 winner: Mini Rex
Group 2 winner: Satin
Group 3winner: Holland Lop
Group 4 winner: Mini Lop.


Open Results

Netherland Dwarf –

BOB –  Allen Mesick and Randy Shumaker with an otter junior buck – ALSO WON BEST OF GROUP (as in a runner-up for BIS.  Pictures HERE)

BOS – Rita Stelzer and Ruby Rezak with a Chestnut Jr doe

BOSV Chocolate (Jr. Buck)- Leslie Hobbs
Chocolate Sr. Doe- Vicki Weisgerber
BOV Opal (Sr. Buck)- Nikki Seehafer
BOV Fawn (Senior Buck)- Amanda O’Gorman
Chin Jr. Doe- Leslie Hobbs
BOG Shaded (Siamese SableSr. Buck)- Mark Jacobs
BOSG Shaded (Sable Point Jr. Doe)- Nikki Seehafer
BOV Sable Point- Mark Jacobs
BOSV Smoke Pearl: SanDee Northam
Sable Point Sr. Doe- Mark Jacobs
Smoke Pearl Sr. Doe- SanDee Northam
Smoke Pearl Jr. Doe- SanDee Northam
REW Jr. Buck- Cheryl Oney
Himi Sr. Doe- Farrah Stewart


Mini Rex

BOB – Richard/Hilda Lowing

















Polish  BOB - Black buck by Pat Glenn of Indiana.  Pictured right.
Pat with her BOB Polish at ARBA Convention. Photo copyright Pat Hanberry
















BOB – Black buck by Pat Glenn of Indiana.  Pictured right.

BOS – Jeannie Webb

BOV and BOSV Broken – Tiffany McCord


American Sable

BOS – Myron Dinsdale


Britannia Petitie

BOB – Renee Goedderz


Champagne D’Argent

BOS Jerrold Fisher



BOB Briony Barnes

Dwarf Hotot:
BOB Sr. Buck – Bill Whaley
BOS Jr. Doe – Sharon Toon


English Angora-

BOB and BOS by Marcus Rhoden

You can get more angora results and pictures from the NCAG blog.
English Lop
BOB – Dave and Trina Carlson
BOS – Larry Nash from Ohio.   He only brought  one rabbit to convention!      (Thanks Russ for the report!)


French Lop

BOB – Tammy Shaw – Solid Sr Buck
BOS – Lynn and Patrick Eden – Broken 6-8 Doe – Bred by Steph Anderson


Flemish Giant

BOS flemish giant ARBA convention fawn
BOS Flemish Giant. Fawn buck.

BOB – Fred Russell, Light Gray doe
BOS – Dan Brink, Fawn buck   More Pictures on this flickr album



BOB – Brad and Katie Boyce

BOS – Sarah Carden



BOB – Laurie Adams


Jersey Wooly
BOB (Tan Sr. Buck)- Brian Caudill
BOSB (Chestnut Sr. Doe)- Brian Caudill
BOG Self- Brian Caudill
BOSG Self- Kristen Drum

BOG Shaded – Amber Henderson


Holland Lop
BOB (SSB)- Blackburn/Taylor
BOS (SSD)- Jenny Poprawski
BJD/BOSV- Judy Macheyne



BOS – Gatewood Farms


Mini Satin
BOB – Scott Rudolph


New Zealand

BOB – Bob Crawford with a white. Also won BIS!

BOS – Benker Family with a Broken black



BOB – Rabbit’s name:  Pellham’s Needs No Introduction (aka ‘Dorothy’), senior, golden, GC doe with 2 RIS.

Owners: Patty Montag and sister, Kellie Jo Williams of Oklahoma.



BOB;  jr. doe, Evylen Halsey
BOS ; jr buck, Evie Cunningham.

Best of Breed Palomino at ARBA convention 2011
Best of Breed Palomino at ARBA Convention. Thanks Jojuan C. for the photo!

You can see photos of the judging on the Imagination Acres Blog!

Standard Chinchilla

BOB – Donna Abel, MN



BOB- Laural Sohns



BOB- Krystal Willhite with Sr. Doe

BOS-Daniel Long with Sr. Buck

Complete results at the ATRBA website


Youth Results

Dwarf Hotot

BOB Sr. Doe – Ashleigh Budrick
BOS Sr. Buck – Sarah Mugge


English Lop Youth

BOB- Melody Miller, Solid Sr Buck.  Same buck that won last year

BOS- Zach Sauer, Broken Doe.


French Lop

BOB  – Ciera Allen  from MI – Solid 6-8 doe
BOS – VanWienen girls from IN – Solid Jr Buck


Jersey Wooly – BOB and BOS by Nicole Boulier.  The Jersey Wooly club did a live video broadcast of the BOB judging and you can watch the replay at by searching for the channel tllrabbits.”

BOSG Agouti- Jessica & Taylor Usokowski
BOG Tan- Jessica & Taylor Usokowski
Agouti Jr. Buck- Eric Lorensten Chin
Self Jr. Buck- Eric Lorensten REW
Self Jr. Doe- Eric Lorensten REW
BOG Self- Eric Lorensten REW
Shaded Jr. Buck- Melani Fletcher


Holland Lop
BOB (SSB)- Tonya Crews of Florida.  Also won BIS! Note: I saw owner’s name listed elsewhere as Riley and Reagan Crews.
BOS (BSD)- Briana Hall


Netherland Dwarf-
BOB – Black Jr Buck – Cole Simons
BOSB – Black Doe – Lindsey Gilbert


New Zealand

BOB – Blake & Brock Hadley with a Black Jr. Doe



BOB – Jessica Cotter

BOS – Ryland Sypnieski



BOB – Collin Starkey

BOS – Collin Starkey



BOB- Brontee Anderson with Sr. Buck

BOS-Amanda Grove with Sr., Doe

Complete results at the ATRBA website



BIS Recap by “The original turtle”

I actually live-tweeted the Best In Show judging on Monday… the best youth rabbit was a broken tort Holland Lop bred by a girl in Florida who was not actually present for the award, and the best open rabbit was a spectacular New Zealand. I also live-tweeted the youth and open group selections (four of each) and which judges did the picks.

The way they did it was, they broke the showroom into four “lanes” according to distribution of wabbits from Minneapolis. Breeds were broken into four groups (as well as youth and open) according to these distributions. At the BIS spectacular, which was in an adjoining hockey rink where the Indiana Ice play in the CHL (they actually had a game Saturday), each cluster of breeds got a youth and an open judge — both groups had the same breeds in youth and open regardless of the actual number of wabbits — and they picked their choice from that “lane.”

That meant that for the final BIS, there were four wabbits in open and four in youth. There was no 1st or 2nd reserve. Various sponsors contributed money and trophies for the lane winners and the youth and open picks. There were also various sponsored trophies and cash awards for youth and open BOBs.

If you go on Twitter and search for the #arba2011 hashtag that I used, you can probably go back and view my play-by-play, I didn’t miss any of the eight winners. I didn’t necessarily get names of the breeders, and I may not have spelled the judge names right if I don’t know them myself, but all that stuff will be in the ARBA convention book and the official results.

I only breed Flemish, and I did not show any wabbits here this year. I came out to be with the club and to buy rabbits… I got an amazing junior sandy buck who is actually sitting on the hotel bed here in Ohio watching me type this!

There was no way I could run around and get pictures of everything and everybody, so I picked and chose. As far as exhibition and presentation breeds and varieties, once again, the lionheads failed. However, Netherland dwarf blue tort was accepted!