Does a Rabbit make a Good Christmas Gift?

Every year around this time people visit pet stores, ask to pet the cute bunnies, and consider giving their loved ones a rabbit for Christmas.  But is this really a good idea?  Rabbits are not mere curiosities: they are living animals with needs and wants and opinions — oh yes! — opinions.  They can live up to twelve years and require daily time and attention.  A rabbit owner must be gentle and patient, must have a quiet and safe place for the rabbit to live, and must be able to afford expenses like food and vet bills.
For these reasons, some people say you should never give rabbits as Christmas presents.  But I’m going to break the mold.  I’m going to suggest that sometimes, SOMETIMES, it’s okay.  Because if my mother had never given me a rabbit when I asked for a horse, then, well, this blog wouldn’t exist, and I might never have gotten to know the sweetness of bunny kisses.
I think that giving someone a rabbit for Christmas can be a great idea — in certain cases.  I would say don’t even consider it unless all of the following qualifications are met:
-The recipient must be a family member or very close friend. It must be a responsible person that you know beyond doubt will take good care of the rabbit.
-You have talked to the recipient and they agreed to care for the rabbit.  I know it’s not fun to spoil surprises, but it’s also not fun to be surprised with an animal you didn’t want!  Definitely talk to the recipient and make sure they are willing to take on the care of an animal.
-The recipient must have a quiet, safe place for the rabbit’s cage to stay.  Rabbits can live indoors or outside, but they need to have shelter from the elements and need to have a quiet, peaceful environment in order to thrive.  They must be protected from dogs, cats, and wild predators as well.  Even though everyone would love a pet rabbit, not everyone has a good place to keep it.
-Last, but extremely important: If you give someone a rabbit, you MUST also give them the right supplies to care for it.  This includes a cage, food dishes, a water supply, and more.  However, we have made this part easy for you by putting together the Supreme Rabbit Home Complete Package — all you need to care for one pet rabbit.

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