Lovely Holland Lops for sale in Tracy, California

cute holland lop baby for sale in Tracy CA
broken orange Holland Lop baby girl

I think this is cute.

In fact, I think this is super cute.

This precious Holland Lop baby was born in Tracy, California, at a rabbitry called Floppy Lop Bunnies.  I had the privilege of putting together a website for Linda at Floppy Lop Bunnies, and based on my experience with her, I’d definitely recommend buying from her rabbitry if you’re looking for a Holland Lop for sale in the Tracy/Manteca area.

Linda was enthusiastic and patient as we worked on her website, and I know she has the same interest and gentleness when it comes to caring for her bunnies.  She and her husband enlist the help of their four granddaughters to handle their babies as they grow, ensuring that they will be friendly pets.  You can visit her website and check out her Holland Lops for sale by visiting this link or clicking the screenshot below.

And, if I may say so, I kinda like how the website turned out, too.  Don’t you?

Holland lop breeder website in California
Holland lop breeder website in California