Fantastic Photos from ARBA Convention 2013 — Harrisburg, PA

If you couldn’t make it to the ARBA Convention this year, here’s a bit of news that might cheer you up.  Juli LeeAnn Whitehaus did a wonderful job photographing the event, and is sharing her photos so all of us can enjoy them.  She’s even given permission to share them as long as you don’t alter them.  Thanks so much, Juli LeeAnn!

View the albums by clicking this link 

Pictured: the Best in Show-winning Florida White. Photo by Juli LeeAnn Whitehaus

ARBA Convention photos BIS florida white

ARBA Convention Results 2013

I haven’t been collecting results this year like I did in past years, sorry.  So I don’t have complete results by any means, but here are a few things I’ve heard circulating around the web.  If you have any to add, please contact me!  The official results probably won’t go up on the ARBA website for a few days yet.

Top Open Winners

Best in Show – Flordia White  (need the owner’s name)

Best of Group – Jersey Wooly (Amber Henderson)

Best of Group – English Angora (Betty Chu)

Best of Group – Havana  (Julie Spier)


American Chinchilla – BOB Anita Trautwein, BOS Crystal Krienke-Bonkoski

American Sable – Results available for download here:

Dwarf Hotot – BOB Veronica Hurtado, BOS Thomas Rowland

Dutch – BOB Billy Bounds, BOS Billy Bounds

English Angora — BOB- Betty Chu.  BOS – Betty Chu.

Jersey Wooly — BOB – Amber Henderson.  BOS – Timmy Bauer

full results here:

Havana – BOB Julie Spier.  BOS Julie Spier

Mini Rex  — BOB Kathy Tellechea/Pam Renfro    BOS – Amanda Byron & Daniel Crook

(More Mini Rex results here)

Mini Satin – BOB Don Sheets, BOS Todd Naragon and LeAnn McKinney
more results here:

Netherland Dwarf — BOB – Gary and Susan Smith.   BOS — Melody Champion

(More ND results here)

Satin – BOB Gordon, Lynette, Samantha, Mitchell WIlliams, BOS – Brian Coates
full results here:

Silver – BOB Charlotte Ford, BOS Barb Adams & Kathy Mannweiler

Thrianta – BOB – Danny Long.  BOS – Susan Pohto & Abby Stask


ARBA Convention Harrisburg Youth Results – UNOFFICIAL

Top Youth Winners

Best in Show – Dutch (need owner’s name)

Best of Group – Britannia Petite

Best of Group – Florida White

Best of Group – Champagne d’Argent

Melissa of Fuzzybutts rabbitry posted some footage of youth BIS judging on her blog here.

Youth BOB/BOS Winners

American Sable –  Results available for download here:

English Angora – BOB Brock Meanor

French Angora – BOB Meghan Kane

Giant Angora – BOB Rachel Peterman

Satin Angora – BOB Maddie Shaw

Blanc de Hotot – (none shown)

Checkered Giant – BOB Kaylie Krueger & Clayton Schwendiman

Dwarf Hotot – BOB Makenzie Kline, BOS Kristen Morris

Dutch – BOB Macallister Bengston, BOS Alexus Grecoe

English Lop – BOB Melody Miller

English Spot – Paul Weikel

Florida White – BOB Andrew Hicks

Giant Chinchilla – BOB Kitty Peririck

Harlequin – BOB Jessica Deitrich

Havana – BOB Kersten Zimmerman, BOS Bryant Miller/Miranda Tolsma

Jersey Wooly – BOB Melanie Lyons, BOS Lindsay Aversa

Mini Satin – Kaleigh Salzman

Mini Lop  BOB- McKenna Lynch

Mini Rex – BOB – Otter Senior Doe – Parker While.   BOS – Black Senior Buck – Mary Williams

(More Mini Rex results here)

Netherland Dwarf –   BOB – Kristie Abrams.   BOS – Ashlee and Shawna Olah

(More ND results here)

Polish  BOB- Mitch Campbell  (Go Mitch!!!)

Palomino – BOB Zora Brewer

Satin – BOB Devin Lawrence

Silver – BOB Madelyn Fee, BOS Madelyn Fee

Thrianta – BOB Amanda Grove.  BOS Courtney Pape


Youth Royalty Results

You can watch the whole youth banquet online at this link: 


New Breed/Variety Presentation Results

Here’s the list.  In short, Lionheads passed.

new breeds arba convention 2013 lionheads