Book on bunny breeding basics

How do you breed your rabbits and take good care of the babies?

It’s guest post day!  Let me introduce you to Sarah from Arizona, a long-time breeder who is also a 4-H judge.  She has a new ebook out called “How to Breed a Rabbit” that she’s giving away free on for a limited time.  I’ve had a chance to take a look at it, and I think Sarah did a good job covering the basics that a new breeder must know.  So, since you’ve all heard from me before,  here’s a few words of wisdom from Sarah:


how to breed a rabbit bookHow to Breed a Rabbit

by Sarah Martin
Have you been thinking about breeding your rabbits? Want a bundle of cute, furry baby bunnies to call your own? Then read on to discover a quick guide to the basics of rabbit mating.

Before Mating

Before you start breeding rabbits you’ll need to make sure you have a few things covered:
–    Why are you breeding rabbits? Be sure that you are ready to find homes for all the babies that you don’t wish to keep and that you have the time/ energy to care of them.
–    Do you have the equipment? All rabbit moms-to-be will need a nest box to build their nest and give birth in. You’ll also want to have plenty of soft hay in that nest box so she can build her nest.
–    Is your doe  ready to breed? Check the genital area of the female rabbit (doe) that you are going to breed: is it’s a little red and swollen? Her behavior should give you a good indicator too. Is she lifting her tail and stretching out when you touch her back? If so then she is probably ready to breed!


To mate your rabbits you should always take the doe and place her in the buck’s cage, not the other way around. (Female rabbits can be very territorial of their space.) Then wait for the buck to mount the doe. Once he’s done his thing he’ll fall off her back and you can return the doe to her cage.
Rebreed the pair that same day to increase the chances of pregnancy. A doe releases her eggs after the first mating so this second time around will give you a better chance of conception. I like to rebreed within one to two hours of the first mating.

The Pregnant Doe

Wait until day 28 after you breed your doe and then give her a nest box stuffed with hay. If she’s pregnant then she’ll start building a nest and, by day 29-35, you should have baby rabbits!

Remember that this is a short article on breeding rabbits and if you want to read more details, check out “How to Breed a Rabbit – The Ultimate Guide to Rabbit Breeding, Baby Rabbits and Rabbit Care”.   I’m offering it for free (yes, totally free!) to help spread awareness and offer guidance on rabbit breeding.  You can download your copy from any time starting Saturday May 11th – Wednesday May 15th. Just click on the link above or go to and search for “How to Breed a Rabbit” (it’s the one written by me, Sarah Martin).

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