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2011 ARBA Convention Indianapolis – What are you wearing? – Rabbit Smarties : Creative Resources for Rabbit Keepers

2011 ARBA Convention Indianapolis – What are you wearing?

Announcement! If you are a youth member studying for the 2013 ARBA Convention, we are having an online group quiz/study night on every Sunday evening leading up to Convention. Dates are Sept 22, Oct 5, and Oct 13. Anyone is welcome. The place is https://rabbitsmarties.com/quizroom.html. Contact me if you have any questions.

*Update!  Are you looking for 2011 Convention ResultsClick Here!*

The dates of the 2011 ARBA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana are October 29th- November 2nd.  Yikes!  That’s coming up soon!  Convention is so much fun, and so much work, both before and after.  In all the busyness, don’t forget to think about something special you might want to wear to any banquets you would like to attend.

At Convention, there’s a general open banquet and a special youth banquet, and most breed clubs also have their own banquets.  Awards for the year are passed out at these events, and it’s usually worth attending to support your clubs and spend some social time with bunny people.  If you don’t mind sitting through a speech or two at the ARBA open banquet, you are usually rewarded with some entertainment.  You don’t need to be a youth to attend the youth banquet, and they always have a DJ come to put on a dance.  But what should you wear?

ARBA royalty queen dress youth banquetNational Breed Club banquets are not usually formal, and a decent looking shirt and pants set will do.  As you might imagine, the more popular breeds have bigger banquets and you’re more likely to find someone in formal dress at the Mini Rex or Holland Lop banquet than the backyard silver breeders’ meet-up.

Attendees to the ARBA open banquet usually dress up more.  Think “church clothes.”  But they’re not going to turn you out at the door if you come under-dressed.

The ARBA youth banquet can be more like a homecoming dance, especially for the kids who are competing in royalty.  You’ll see everything from plain skirts and tops to prom dresses and elaborate hair-do’s.  Again, dressing up isn’t required for attendance, but if you plan to compete in judging, breed ID, or royalty and hope to go on stage, you will want to wear something nice, or even very nice.  See the picture at the left of the girls with their awards at the youth banquet 2008.

As you may know, I am working on rebuilding the Nature Trail rabbit information website.  I came across a post written by Laurie Stroupe on this very topic, written right before the ARBA convention in Indianapolis…in 2005.  For interest’s sake, here it is:

ARBA Convention Youth, Open and Breed Banquets Dress

If you are going to ARBA Convention, you are probably going to a banquet, whether to the ARBA banquet or to your breed specialty banquet. If that’s the case, pick out what you are going to wear now.

If you don’t, time will sneak up on you. And just when you are neck deep in pressure cleaning carriers and checking who has blown a coat, you will need to stop and go shopping.

And they won’t have what you want at the first 9 stores you visit – or at least not in your size. The tension will mount up and you will panic.

Not that I’ve ever done that myself . . .

You don’t want that, do you? Noooooooooooo. Of course not. So take a minute now and think about it.

While you are at it, make sure you locate your jacket or sweater and other fall clothes. Just because you are experiencing Indian summer where you are, doesn’t mean that you won’t need long sleeves in Indianapolis.

According to NOAA, the average high for Indianapolis in October is 65.6 degrees and the average low is 43.6. The average temperature is just 54.6. And the average SNOWFALL is 0.4 inches.

Personally, my fall clothes are still in the attic and I’m still wearing shorts every day. I guess it’s take to get them out and see what I need for my trip – before I’m neck deep in pressure washing carriers and checking to see who has blown their coats.

Laurie Stroupe
The Nature Trail Rabbitry