Crazy Interview with Tiffany

My friend Tiffany was bold enough to agree to this month’s crazy interview!  Tiffany McCord is a Polish Rabbit Breeder in Michigan.  You can see her bunnies — among them the BOB at ARBA convention 2010–at the Rustic Rabbitry Website.

Tiffany Mccord on her Barrel Racer Quarter Horse
Tiffany on "Kipp" -- ain't this cool?

Have you ever swam a horse in Lake Superior?
– We usually take the horses swimming in the summer when it’s too hot to ride but I’m not sure if it’s Superior or Huron that we swim in.

How resistant are you to lop breeds?
– Not very!!  I happen to think Hollands are awful cute…

How about wooled breeds?
-I actually like Woolies quite a bit, not real big on Angora’s though.

If you had the opportunity to enter a knitting contest for a $50 prize, what would you do?
– Uh… I have never knitted in my life and don’t aim to start any time soon!

What is your biggest rabbit trophy?
– Either my BOB trophy from MN convention last fall or my APRC 2nd place sweepstakes trophy from 2009.

Have any interest in competitive rabbit hopping?
– No, I have enough trouble training my show horse!

Which is your preferred nickname for your breed: Pollies, Pollocks, The Little Aristocrat, or POWITH!
– Sorry Ellyn!  I know you like Powith but I hardly ever give Polish a nickname.  When I do I would say I call them Pollocks.

Have you ever had a rabbit worth its weight in gold?

DB87  Drew's Chocolate Polish Rabbit Buck
Drew's DB87, chocolate Polish herd buck

– Drew’s 87 (DB87) was worth his weight in gold.


The other day there was a commercial playing in Walmart for — seriously — a motorized bottle of ant spray. All you had to do was turn it on and it would spit out ant spray evenly. It cost about $5.00 more than the regular bottle. Do you consider that a good investment?
– No, it’s just as easy to spray it yourself in my opinion.

What is your favorite rabbit show…in general?
– I love Conventions because it’s 5 days of total rabbit-ness.  But if I had to choose a local show… I love the MSRBA Spring and Fall shows at the MSU Pavilion.

And the bonus: You DO play euchre, don’t you?
– I am pretty sure that I have played that on a track bus at one time or another.

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