Rabbit Royalty Tips: Interview and Application

holland lop rabbit.  Photo by laurie stroupeI don’t even live in the western half of the United States, but I have heard a lot about a show they’re having soon called the 2011 “West Coast Classic” rabbit show in Reno, NV, on April 15-17.  It’s one of those that I wish I could get to.  But, if you’re there, look up Karen P. who will have Rabbit Smarties Publications on display.  This year, they’re hosting the 2011 Mini Rex national show, the 2011 American Fuzzy Lop National Show, the 2011 Jersey Wooly Rabbit Nationals, and the 2011 Havana Rabbit Nationals, and of course all-breed competitions.  You can learn more about this show and download the West Coast Classic rabbit show catalog at http://www.westcoastclassicshow.com/index.html

I’ve also heard that they’re having a youth rabbit royalty competition.  If you are competing in the West Coast Classic rabbit royalty contest, here are a few tips on royalty contest interviews that you might find useful.

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— Walk up to the judges and shake his / her hand.  Introduce yourself before they talk to you.  I would say, “Hello.  My name is Ellyn from Michigan, and I raise Polish rabbits.”   or  “Hello.  My name is Ellyn, the 2008 Michigan State rabbit queen, and I’m happy to be here today.”  But keep it brief.

— Pre-plan what you want to say.  List a few points that you definitely want to get across.  They may not ask you questions directly related to those points, but find a way to work them in.  Be prepared to answer questions about your rabbits and rabbit husbandry methods, your accomplishments, your non-rabbit activities, and your involvement in rabbit clubs / leadership, and your rabbit-related goals.  It’s OKAY to ask the judge for a minute to think.

— They want to know that you are taking an active part in working in your rabbitry and your clubs, not just letting your parents do all the work.

— Make eye contact with the judges. Thank the judges on leaving.