Kelsey Shultz Interview

Pointed White Jersey Wooly and Kelsey Shultz
Kelsey with "Shultz's Best Shot"

Thanks to Kelsey Shultz of Royal Dream Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly and French Angora breeder in Michigan, for April’s Silly Interview!

1. Don’t look it up. Would you guess that “foofy” is listed in the English dictionary?
I don’t think so, but it should be! I use that word all the time!

2. Which is more common: people with the name Ralph or rabbits with the name Oreo?
Defiantly Oreo! I don’t ever think I have met a Ralph.

3. As a teen, which caused you more anxiety: waiting to see your score on a math quiz or a showmanship contest?
Showmanship for sure!

4. Have you ever heard of anyone breeding a French Angora with a Jersey Wooly? Why?
Yes I have. They did it for the wool and size. They wanted a Jersey Wooly size rabbit with a wool of a French Angora.

5. Do rabbit photos outnumber people photos on your hard drive?
Actually no. Rabbits come in second. I have a lot of pictures of landscapes, interesting buildings and other things we see when we are going to rabbit shows.

6. What will be the first lionhead color to be accepted?
Either tort or White. Those varieties are the most I see.

7. What is your favorite soup?
Homemade Chicken Noodle

8. Do you like the smell of calf manna?
I do.

9. How strongly do you feel that “woolies” is the correct nickname for your breed, and that “jerseys” is not so hot?
Woolies is easier to say and people will know you raise a wool breed. I do use both, but woolies is used the most.

10. Which editions of the Standard of Perfection do you own????
I own three: the 2011-2015, 2006-2010, and 2001-2005

Thanks Kelsey!  You can see Kelsey’s successful bunnies at the Royal Dream Rabbitry Website.