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New Edition Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide – Rabbit Smarties : Creative Resources for Rabbit Keepers

New Edition Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide

Announcement! If you are a youth member studying for the 2013 ARBA Convention, we are having an online group quiz/study night on every Sunday evening leading up to Convention. Dates are Sept 22, Oct 5, and Oct 13. Anyone is welcome. The place is Contact me if you have any questions.

rabbit 4H study guideOur most popular book yet, the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide has aided hundreds of youth rabbit breeders in finding success with their projects.   Today, we are excited to release the second edition of this book, much better than before.

What’s new in the 2nd edition?

Well, everything has been redone, revised, or rewritten.  You’ll find new tips and advice sprinkled everywhere.  More info.  More ideas.  More pictures.  But for the highlights…

Guide to choosing your course in the project

Judging contest tips from judge Keelyn Hanlon

Expanded Breed ID Guide

Additional leader’s tips

Polish Breed Judging Handout

Rabbit Royalty Practice Questions

Updated to reflect 2011 Standard of Perfection

Still reproducible.

Plus, the whole thing is prettier.  With more artwork and a new color scheme, we’re offering something special in our NEW 2nd Edition Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide: Your Shortcut to Success.

For more information, check out the Study Guide’s Own Page. Here are a few sample pages for you to look at:

rabbit breed id guide
Click for larger image
Rabbit 4-H Showmanship Guide Sample Page
Click for larger image -- Showmanship Guide
Rabbit Meat Pen Project Tips
Click for larger image -- Meat Pens
Rabbit Body Type Judging Information
Click for larger image -- body types