Kelli Slack Rabbit Judge Interview

Thanks to Judge Kelli Slack from Indiana for this month's silly interview!

1) Do you find split stops more often on the right or left foot?
Usually the rabbit's right foot, though I've seen a number on the left as well.

2) Would you be more inclined to accept an offer to judge in Australia or Switzerland?

3) Have you ever had a rabbit with only one ear?
Yes, Maya and Wispa both have one ear.  Their mother chewed off the second one at birth.  One doe has a right ear and one doe has a left ear.

4) Have you ever had a rabbit with three ears?
Can't say that I have, but it would be weird.

5) Have you ever had a rabbit with two ears?
Almost all of them.

6) Are Jersey Woolies more like French Lops than Dutch are like ice cream?

7) In what year will the 99th breed of rabbit be accepted by the ARBA?

8) Do you like to cook?
Yes, and rabbit is part of my menu on occasion.

9) Will a rabbit breeder ever be US President?
We can only hope.

10) Are Harlequin Dutch confusing?
Not confusing, but definitely challenging