Rabbit Breed ID Practice

It’s Breed ID practice time!

Do you know the breed and colors of all these bunnies?

If you are beginning in breed ID, just try to determine the Breed and the Variety, which is the color.

If you are serious about ARBA breed identification, you should identify four items for each rabbit:

1. Breed.

2. Showroom Classification.  The way the rabbit would be entered and shown at an ARBA show.  Examples are Broken Pattern, Black, Colored, Self… it all depends on the breed.

3. 4-class or 6-class.  Breeds with a minimum senior weight of 9 lbs or over are six-class breeds.  All others are four-class breeds.

4. Registration Variety.  This is the exact color of the rabbit.  May be the same as Showroom Classification, or it may be totally different.

Ready to play?  Click each photo for the answer!

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photo credit above: Karen Williams

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