Champion Rabbit Showmen Part 2

7 Qualities of a Champion Rabbit Showman, Part 2

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4. Professionalism.  Politeness and Professionalism are essential qualities for a Champion rabbit showman to possess.  Their appearance is clean and tidy.  Their hair is not getting in their face and they are not wearing distracting jewelry.   They are wearing a white show coat or long sleeve shirt, and a black skirt or pants.  They always wait till the judge finishes the question before they answer, even if they know what he or she is going to say.  They speak loudly and clearly enough for the judge to hear them, and they look the judge in the eye when they answer.  They answer in plain words, expressing interest but not giggling.  They aren’t afraid to ask the judge to repeat the question or give them a minute to think if they need it.   Don’t forget that speaking clearly and looking people in the eye can be practiced at home!

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5. Knowledge.  Any successful showmanship participant has spent many hours studying rabbits.  They are well versed in basic rabbit care, feeding, disease, body types, fur types, showroom terminology, and the breed standard for the type of rabbit that they show.

6. Confidence.  Most winning contestants believe in themselves.  This doesn’t have to mean that they are conceited, but that they know they have worked hard and are giving it their best shot, no matter how the results turn out.  Almost everyone feels nervous when they are competing, but before the butterflies get the best of you, remind yourself that you worked really hard and all you have to do is your best.

7. Determination.  One of the most marked qualities of a successful individual is a dedication to their goals and a determined effort to see them through.  People that want to win work to win, and often better themselves in the process!

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