Interview with Betty Chu

Betty Chu, English Angora Breeder

Do you, Betty Chu…?”

(Betty is pictured with her doe Chu’s Sevenah, who won Best of Breed at the 2007 ARBA convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.)

What questions would you ask the most famous angora breeder in the world?  Betty Chu, English Angora breeder from California, was kind enough to give me an interview to share with you.  But it wasn’t quite an ordinary interview: I wanted to have some fun.

Here are a few silly questions that I asked of Betty Chu, and her responses.  You will be seeing amusing interviews like this often on the Rabbit Smarties Blog, the second Friday of every month!

“Do you, Betty Chu…?”

Do you ever sing to your rabbits?
No, I am not musically inclined.

Do you think the German Angora will ever be recognized by the ARBA?
No, they have tried and failed in the 80s.

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Do you think that REW, BEW, or Pointed White rabbits get hutch stain the worst?
No. I only raise REW and they are very clean.

Do you like to cook?
Neither like nor dislike, but I do cook.

Do you find that judges with long hair are better with angoras?
No, there are good judges with short hair and there are good judges with long hair; and there are judges who are hopeless regardless of their hair style.

Do you ever lose a bunny in all its wool?  (I would.)
No, all mama rabbits have to be cut down before breeding.  Angora rabbits only feel like breeding when they are naked.

Do you play chess?

Do you ever get home from a show and put your bunny away in the wrong cage by accident?

Only once in 30 years.

Do you know the Chinese word for fuzzy rabbit?
Of course, I am Chinese. 

Do you ever see your photos used by others WITH credit given?
My photos have been used by others with or without credit, and also I got paid sometimes.

Just how many times have you won Best of Breed at the ARBA convention with English Angoras?

Best of Breed: 13 times.

Best Opposite of Breed: 11 times

Best in Show: 1992 with a rabbit named Chu’s Sweet Sixteen

Also won Best of Group at the ARBA convention in 2001 with Chu’s Vera, and in 2003 with Chu’s Ashton.   You can learn more about her wonderful Angoras at

Thanks, Betty!  Hey readers– Did you enjoy this interview?  Let me know with a comment!

Coming next time on the Rabbit Smarties Blog:  A free 6,800 word e-book about raising cavies that was written in 1915!

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