New Blog for Rabbit Breeders

Opal Mini RexHappy New Year from Rabbit Smarties Publications!  We’re determined to make 2011 a fantastic year for our business, which means you can count on our help to make it a great year for your rabbitry as well.  We plan to release several new resources for breeders this month, starting with this blog!  We’re excited about this blog that will offer many articles of interest to rabbit breeders.  Future posts may feature:

 – Articles on many aspects of rabbit keeping and competition

-Rabbit equipment reviews and ratings

– Creative tips for 4-H leaders

– Super cute bunny pictures and captions

– Interviews with rabbit judges or leading breeders

-Special offers for Rabbit Smarties publications

-And much more! 

One catagory of blog post that I am most looking forward to is a comedy column:  Correspondence between imaginary breeders Brittany Petite and Pearl Marten that every breeder can relate to!

To get things rolling we’re going to start with a couple of posts a week, so check back soon!

Happy New Year!  Check back later this week for 10 Tips for Preparing for a Registar’s License!–Ellyn,
Rabbit Smarties