Five Rabbit Judging Tips

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Five Judging Tips that Judges and Registrars Taught Me

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1. When judging, decide if each rabbit is good, fair, or poor before you compare it to the others.  Perhaps if you are judging a class of four in a judging contest, pick your best and your worst, and then figure out the middle two.  In a large class, divide it mentally into thirds.  Remember that judging is by comparison– not by tallying up points.

2. Blurring your eyes while looking at a harlequin can help make the bars and bands stand out.

3. Make it a habit to blow into the coat on every rabbit, also to check every toenail and under every front leg.  You see a lot of interesting things that way!

4. A common indicator of spots in the eye is a bunny that squints.

5. The ideal Rex rabbit fur has a little bit of drag to it as you stroke it from back to front.  This is caused by flat tops to the hair ends, like little columns.  Slick coats are caused by hair tips that taper, providing less resistance.

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