Rabbit Smarties : The Rabbit Activity Book!

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Rabbit-themed products often feature a lot of carrots, cottontails, and fluff. But the publishers at Rabbit Smarties know all about the world of rabbit shows, where dedicated breeders strive to fill their holes with Grand Champions. If you’re that kind of showman, we have just your breed of entertainment in Rabbit Smarties: The Rabbit Activity Book! The 115+ puzzles in this book include word searches, crossword puzzles, picture games, and word scrambles that help you learn about your special hobby. The mazes, matching games, and coloring pages provide entertainment for kids at shows. Extras like rabbit jokes, “hot topics”, “odd questions”, and colorful photos make the book fun to flip through.


Rabbit Smarties was awarded the 2007 prize for best educational game at the ARBA convention. Hitting the markets soon afterward, this book has been highly acclaimed by rabbit club leaders across the country. Youth members and leaders find Rabbit Smarties to be an excellent study aid for 4-H and ARBA royalty contests because the topics covered matter to hardcore rabbit enthusiasts. Themes such as showmanship, breeds and varieties, posing, judging, and breed ID make RABBIT SMARTIES a book for breeders: the fun, without so much fluff.

Rabbit Smarties Activity Book
68 pages. Color. $15.00
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What are 4-H and ARBA youth leaders saying about the Rabbit Smarties?

“What a wonderful piece of work!”

— Aggie Mowry, co-chair Washington state youth rabbit program.


Word Searches


Crossword Puzzles


Word Scrambles


Picture games

True/False games

Jokes and fun tidbits

Colorful photos

Complete answer key

 Topics Include

 Showing / Posing Youth

Contests Rabbit Clubs

ARBA Standards

Various Breeds



Breed ID


ARBA Conventions

And more!

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