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News on Rabbit Tattoos

There’s a New Rule on Rabbit Tattoos Let’s start with history: Back in the old days, nearly everybody used clamp tattooers, right?  You pierce the ear, spread ink in the holes, coat it with petroleum jelly and hope you can still see it in two weeks…remember?  In those days, tattoo combinations were fairly limited.  My […]

ARBA Standard of Perfection 2012 Changes – New Varieties and More

Announcement! If you are a youth member studying for the 2013 ARBA Convention, we are having an online group quiz/study night on every Sunday evening leading up to Convention. Dates are Sept 22, Oct 5, and Oct 13. Anyone is welcome. The place is http://rabbitsmarties.com/quizroom.html. Contact me if you have any questions.     Happy […]

ARBA Judge Study Test – Rabbit Faults and DQ’s

*Newsflash 9/12/13* I have an extensive ARBA Royalty/Registrar’s practice exam that I will give away free once we reach 100 likes on our new facebook page!  We’re more than halfway there, so like us and share the word and we will share the practice exam in appreciation! http://facebook.com/RabbitSmarties * Announcement! If you are a youth […]


Rabbit Body Types Quiz for 4-H Showmanship or ARBA Royalty Practice *4-H Leaders!* Click here to download this post as a printable quiz for your 4-H members! How well do you know your rabbit body types?  Take this quiz!  Click the link above to download a printable version with answers.  Click this link to take […]

Becoming an ARBA Rabbit Registrar, part 2

CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 OF THIS POST 6) Make your own study guide. A few breeders have written study guides and practice tests for registrar’s applicants that are available online.  Also, the ARBA publishes study guides for rabbit and cavy registrar applicants.   These guides are excellent resources that help you know what to study.  […]