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Conditioning rabbits for show

How do you prepare a rabbit to do its best in a show? Conditioning rabbits for show means a lot more than just giving them special foods.  Housing, sanitation, selection, genetics, primary diet, and handling each have just as much to do with a rabbit’s success on the show table as extra food supplements, maybe […]

The Best Weapon Against Rabbit Cage Trays

What gets those rabbit cages cleaner than anything else?  What’s more effective than Vanodine, a power washer, or even bleach??  (As a side note…have you ever poured straight chlorine bleach on to an aluminum rabbit drinking dish?  I have.  It’s interesting.) But what’s the best weapon against dirty rabbit cages?  Motivation, of course. I was […]

Rabbits in Outdoor Hutches part 2

The Story of the Rolling Rabbit Hutch and other Matters Keeping 4-H Rabbits in Outside Hutches, part II. [For the rolling hutch story, see tip #8.  For the burning hutch story, see tip #9.] Click here to see part 1 of this post 6. Put a fence around your rabbit hutch to keep predators out.   […]

Outdoor Hutch Rabbit Care

Caring for Outdoor Hutch Rabbits: Ten tips for keeping your rabbits healthy and safe, and for building pet, 4-H, show, and meat rabbit hutches. Where do they keep rabbits in France? In the hutch back of Notre Dame! …Okay, dumb joke.  But if you are starting in rabbits and want to keep them in the […]