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Information on the Silver and Silver Fox Rare Rabbit Breeds

  If I may state a humble opinion, I think that the most under-appreciated breed in the United States is the Silver.  Nope, not the Silver Marten.  Not the Silver Fox.   The Silver. I got my first Silvers in 2004.  Since then, I have met many rabbit exhibitors who are not aware that this breed […]

Felt Rabbit Breed Miniatures – Pencil Toppers, Keychain Crafts

Was poking around in my old photobucket album– how fun!  Found precious pics, funny pics, “OH YEAH I remember” pics, and those  old pics that make you wince, and move your mouse to the delete button…but for some reason, don’t click it. Among the “Oh yeah, I remember” pics were these felt bunny crafts I […]