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News on Rabbit Tattoos

There’s a New Rule on Rabbit Tattoos Let’s start with history: Back in the old days, nearly everybody used clamp tattooers, right?  You pierce the ear, spread ink in the holes, coat it with petroleum jelly and hope you can still see it in two weeks…remember?  In those days, tattoo combinations were fairly limited.  My […]

12 Unlikely Useful Items in the Rabbitry

Be sure to keep these items on hand in the rabbitry…just in case you need them. 1. Marshmallow Creme. Spread on cage door to distract a chronic cage chewer.  Temporary fix. 2. Surveillance Camera in the Barn. Useful when you forget where you last put the toenail trimmers. 3. Extra storage card. For when it […]

The Rocky Syndrome – btw: Back to Blogging!

I once knew a girl whose AIM screenname was “Always2ndBest.”   Do you ever feel like that?   Yeeeaah… In rabbits, Tiffany and I call it the Rocky Syndrome.  Those bunnies — usually bucks– that you can rely on placing in the top five in a large class, but never grand.  They rarely, if ever, come home […]

ARBA Educational Contest Winning Silly Poem about Rabbits

I entered this in the creative writing division of the ARBA youth educational contests in 2007, where it won a rosette.  If you are a youth member and planning to attend the ARBA convention in Indianapolis, you might enjoy the educational contests.  It’s like the arts and craft division at fair.  You can enter posters, […]

Crazy Interview with Tiffany

My friend Tiffany was bold enough to agree to this month’s crazy interview!  Tiffany McCord is a Polish Rabbit Breeder in Michigan.  You can see her bunnies — among them the BOB at ARBA convention 2010–at the Rustic Rabbitry Website. Have you ever swam a horse in Lake Superior? – We usually take the horses […]

Kelsey Shultz Interview

Thanks to Kelsey Shultz of Royal Dream Rabbitry, Jersey Wooly and French Angora breeder in Michigan, for April’s Silly Interview! 1. Don’t look it up. Would you guess that “foofy” is listed in the English dictionary? I don’t think so, but it should be! I use that word all the time! 2. Which is more […]

Rabbit Breed ID Flashcards for Free

Sort of an addition to today’s earlier post, here are six free rabbit breed identification flashcards for you to download and print.  Click this link.

Interview with Betty Chu

” Do you, Betty Chu…?” (Betty is pictured with her doe Chu’s Sevenah, who won Best of Breed at the 2007 ARBA convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.) What questions would you ask the most famous angora breeder in the world?  Betty Chu, English Angora breeder from California, was kind enough to give me an interview […]

Dear Pearl 2

“Dear Pearl” : Humor for Rabbit Breeders Being a series of letters from imaginary breeder Britanny Petite to her dear friend, Pearl Marten.  These be the thoughts that, at one time or another, we all would like to express… Dear Pearl, Ah, wintertime.  What a boisterous time of year it is for national specialty clubs! […]

“Dear Pearl” :: Humor for Rabbit Breeders

Here it is! I hope all you breeders enjoy this  first  post called, “Dear Pearl,”  poking fun at my favorite hobby.  Being a series of letters from imaginary breeder Britanny Petite to her dear friend, Pearl Marten. [Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in these “letters” are fictional (at least, most of them! ) as well as all […]