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Rabbit Genetics Tutorial – Cutesy Chart for Easy Learning

Here’s a fun little tutorial on the very basics of hereditary genetics. It’s very important that a rabbit breeder understands how their rabbits pass genes on to their offspring. Now not every trait has its own specific gene — I don’t think there’s a “low shoulders” gene, for instance. But with things like color genetics, […]

Rabbit Color Genetics: Self Chinchilla Explained

Have you ever heard of a rabbit color called “self chinchilla”? You won’t find it in the Standard of Perfection, but if you talk very much with enthusiasts of rabbit color genetics, the name will probably come up. But what is a self chin? The short answer is that a self chin looks exactly like […]

Line-breeding Rabbits

Line is Fine *Click here for a printable version of this post!* If you are starting out, you may have heard of line breeding rabbits.  Perhaps you’ve seen a “line breeding chart”  and perhaps it didn’t make much sense.  When I started in rabbits I often heard, “you’ll do best to line breed”,  but it […]

Himalayan Rabbit Color Genetics

The Coolness of Himalayan What’s black on both ends and white in the middle?  No, it’s not an oreo, because it walks.  No, it’s not a belted cow, because it has ruby red eyes.  It must be a Himalayan Bunny! In rabbits, “Himalayan” is the name of both a color and a breed that sports […]