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ARBA Standard of Perfection 2012 Changes – New Varieties and More

Announcement! If you are a youth member studying for the 2013 ARBA Convention, we are having an online group quiz/study night on every Sunday evening leading up to Convention. Dates are Sept 22, Oct 5, and Oct 13. Anyone is welcome. The place is http://rabbitsmarties.com/quizroom.html. Contact me if you have any questions.     Happy […]

Peruvian Cavies for Sale – Breeder of Quality Longhaired Guinea Pigs

Hi everyone! I want to invite you to check out Angelhair Caviary, a guinea pig breeder in Austin, TX.  Kay raises several breeds of long haired cavies including Peruvians, Silkies, Coronets, and Alpacas.  She also has a Satin Longhairs and a few Americans.  If you are looking for show or pet guinea pigs for sale, […]

Grooming Texel Cavy Coats

The only cavy  breed with a curly, longhaired coat is the Texel.  Texel coats are quite unlike any other!  The hair on the head of a Texel is short and kinky; the rest of the coat is long and curls into corkscrews and ringlets. The undercoat will be curlier, but the guard hairs should show […]

Healthy Guinea Pigs

Keeping Your Cavy Healthy *4-H Leaders*  Click here to download a printable version of this article to use in your club! Here are a few links to excellent websites about cavy care, guinea pig feeding, common guinea pig illnesses, and more:  http://guinealynx.info  http://acbaonline.com  http://storybookcavies.com It is much easier to maintain the health of a guinea […]

Free Sample Pages from Cavy Savvy

Check out these free sample pages from our newest book, “Cavy Savvy 2-in-1” .   Cute, colorful, and creative, CAVY SAVVY is a great study aid both for new cavy owners and for those ARBA royalty contestants that, yes, “hafta” study cavies to win! These pages are not available on our “free downloads” page or anywhere else […]