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Book on bunny breeding basics

How do you breed your rabbits and take good care of the babies? It’s guest post day!  Let me introduce you to Sarah from Arizona, a long-time breeder who is also a 4-H judge.  She has a new ebook out called “How to Breed a Rabbit” that she’s giving away free on Amazon.com for a […]

Pregnant Rabbit Past her Due Date?

The calendar says it’s time for your doe to give birth.  She’s even built a nest.  But day 31 hits…and no babies. What should you do now? How to help a Pregnant Rabbit go into Labor What should you do when your rabbit won’t have her babies?  What if she’s already delivered one or two […]

Keeping Baby Bunnies Safe – Touch them, keep them warm and dry.

I received some questions via email from a breeder who I believe is taking very good care of her first litter of Holland Lops  I thought some of these tips would be helpful to other new rabbit rasiers as well.  As this was originally an e-mail, it’s written in second person. Will the Mom Kill […]

Why do we keep at it? Guest Post

On the outside, raising rabbits looks like so much fun.   Cute fluffy bunnies and tiny babies to play with that bring home big big trophies and ribbons?  Oh boy! But get into it, and the good times are punctuated with lots of trouble.  Rabbits are extra wonderful because they are living things — but living […]

Baby Bunny Photo Shoot

One of my favorite things to do with bunnies is take the babies out in the yard for a photo shoot… “Hey let’s go play explorers!” “I wanna be Cwistapher Columbus!” Read More!