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Graphic Design, Advertising, and Website Solutions for Rabbit Breeders

Why do rabbit breeders need design services?  Because for most breeders, a rabbitry is more than a hobby: it’s a business.  Your rabbitry may not make a profit, but sales are essential to its success.  Bunny sales can help with entry fees or the feed bill; more importantly, without selling rabbits you won’t be able to breed more.  Therefore, breeders need attractive marketing materials for their rabbitry.

That’s where Rabbit Smarties Design can help.  Let me use my experience in business and graphic design to help you promote your rabbitry.  I suggest that breeders use at least three marketing tools: business cards, a website, and ads in club newsletters.  Here you’ll find low-cost service packages to help you get the advertising materials you need.

I love doing my best to make sure you are pleased with the results.  I carefully will work with you to make sure that your designs suit your tastes and your needs.   If you don’t see quite what you are looking for here, e-mail us to get a custom quote.  I’m happy to answer any questions regarding design services!  E-mail me: ellyn @

  Business Card Printing and Design. A popular tool for getting your business to stick in people’s memories–and their pockets!
 Website Design for Rabbit Clubs.  I offer special website services just for rabbit clubs! Click here to find out more!  
  Website Design for Breeders. These days, a website is an important key to customers finding you quickly. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your bunnies and accomplishments.
 General Graphic Design.  Need to spruce up your website with a banner or other graphics?

We can do fun things like this for you!

  Ad Design. Let us help you place design an ad that will draw customers. Feature it in your breed or state club newsletter, or even Domestic Rabbits! We’re glad to help you decide where your ad would be most effective.

Websites I’ve done:



Mountain View Kritters

Pine Forest Rabbitry

Hummingbird Hollow Rabbitry

RegalAir Bengals

Pinewind Farm

Linda’s Lovable Lops and Lionheads

Rusty Sun Rabbitry

C&J Angoras

and more!


Satisfied Clients

“Ellyn did a great job creating my super cute website for a very reasonable price.  She was very helpful in getting me set up with my email and was instrumental in getting my name out there.  Within days of the website going live,  I had customers and sold rabbits right away.  I highly recommend her services.”  -Cari of Red River Rabbitry

“I am very pleased with the way you understood what I was looking for and how quickly you were able to get it all done. My business cards are fantastic and your marketing skills are amazing.  There are so many things about your service that have been very helpful.”  –Wanda of Lazy Livin’ Farms.


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