Rabbit Pedigree and Logo Designs – Last Chance at $20 price

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And a Miniature Horse Logo, too!

We’ve sure been busy with the design work lately!   I’m excited to show you some of the logo and pedigree designs my artist partner and I have come up with.  Also, I’ve got a quick announcement:

The price on rabbitry logos and pedigree designs is going up from $20 to $30.  That’s still pretty reasonable for a hand-drawn logo, but if you want to get the $20 price, please let me know by the end of the week.  The price will go up on Saturday, May 18th.

So, for some custom rabbitry logos and pedigree designs:


Netherland Dwarf Bunnies and Logo

Miniature Horse Farm custom logo design
Custom logo design for a miniature horse farm

custom rusty rabbit pedigree design western
Western rabbitry pedigree design

Tropical Island design

Cute hand drawn rabbit pedigree pastel design

Bunnies in field pedigree design

sunflower rabbit logo
Sunflower rabbit breeder logo and pedigree

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