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Rabbitry Website Design Service

March 31, 2013

Here are a couple of rabbitry website designs I haven’t shared with you guys yet.  Both just so happen to be pretty in purple:

First: Linda’s Lovable Lops and Lionheads.

Located in Idaho, this rabbitry specializes in “bunnies that will hug you,” Holland Lops and Lionhead as pets and show bunnies.  Linda also just got some New Zealand rabbits.  If you are from Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington, Western Montana, or Southern Canada and are looking for a pet bunny, click the screenshot below to visit the site.

Rabbitry Website design


Mtn View Kritters

Next, if you jump east one state you’ll come to a place I’ve never been, but would love to see: the Montana Rockies.  There you’ll find a rabbitry called Mtn View Kritters.  Autumn @ mountain view raises a variety of breeds including Mini Rex, Holland Lops, and Nethies.   Visit her rabbitry site by clicking the screenshot below.
Rabbitry website design
Thank you, Linda and Autumn, for using our rabbitry website design service!

Love so Amazing

March 29, 2013

apple blossom


When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of Glory died
My richest gain I count but loss
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast
Save in the death of Christ, my God.
All the vain things that charm me the most
I sacrifice them to His blood.

Love so Amazing

When I was an older teen, I had one main goal.  I wanted to do well in ARBA national youth contests, such as achievement and royalty.  And I did pretty well; you can check out the ‘about the author’ page if you’re interested in how I did.  But as hard as I worked for those awards, and as important as they seemed, more and more I realize: they matter very little, if they matter at all.

They don’t matter.  They don’t seal my greatness for a moment, let alone a lifetime.  I went on to fail again and again and again.  For instance, that very moment I was accepting my plaque for runner-up queen, a friend in the audience stuck her tongue out at me playfully.  And without realizing I was on stage in front of hundreds of people, I playfully stuck my tongue out back at her.  That was horrible.

But it doesn’t matter.

And that’s the beauty of life in Christ.  That’s the freedom, the joy, the thrill, the peace.  Jesus matters, not me.  This is what I have come to realize, and this, only this, is worth pursuing.  This, only this, makes me happy.  I am happy!  My focus is not always where it should be, but when it is, I am glad with a gladness that casts out fear, gives me confidence in every situation, and does not let me fall into depression even when I fail.

Christ Jesus took my life into Himself, became my representative.  He took my life — its earthly success and its failure — and nailed it to his cross.  He took my sin, and that sin did to Him what sin must do: produce death.   And with His death, I died.  My life died.    Sin had done its work and was dead.

And being dead, had no more power.

And God still lived.  And now that the requirement of the law had been filled, and sin had gotten what it must get, the story of my life was over.  Then, God gave life anew.  Then, apart from the law, God gave life to the body of Christ, and through Him, to all that are in Him.  And now, through Him I live; and now, nothing but Him and His work matters to me.

And it’s free!  It’s free!  I’m not just talking.  This is a freedom that is new to me, a freedom that I did not know before.  For about two decades I tried to be a Christian.  But there was always something between me and God.  I knew I wasn’t doing it right.  I knew I wasn’t doing enough.

I worked crazy-hard to win those royalty plaques.  I was president of our state youth club.  I hosted meetings and clinics.  I wrote books.  I passed my registrar’s exams.  I spent tons of time and money on raising my rabbits.  I studied the Standard for hours and hours and hours.  I was used to doing whatever it took to get what I wanted.  And maybe that’s why it took me so long to realize that in order to get God’s favor, I had to do nothing.

It’s called love.

It’s called love.  I didn’t know what love was before. I tried for so long to earn love.  But you can’t earn love.  Love exists first, and out of love flows care and kindness.  God Loves, Christ did all for me, and thus I am safe, whether I win the awards or not.  Everything else is fading and partial, but love alone lives and is complete.  Love is all that’s worth pursuing.  Love — that is, working for the good of others no matter how they act in return — is all that matters.

I was always told that God loved me.  But, knowing my own faults, I could not believe it until I understood Christ, who took my sin and made it possible for me to be called God’s own.

We speak often of God, our caring and protective Father.  We speak of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us, enlightens and empowers us. But we must first speak of Christ, our Gate, our Mediator, our Shepherd through whom we may call God our Father, and through faith in whom we may receive the Spirit.  We must first know Christ Jesus, in whom hope, gladness, and beauty flows.  Only through Him does the world make sense to me.  Apart from Him, nothing seems to matter.

But in Him, I am discovering, all matters, even the little things.



Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That would be an offering far too small.
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my life, my soul, my all.

For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.And not only this, but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation.

Romans 5: 10-11

As a postscript, I promise I am not trying to preach at anyone.  This post merely spilled out of me, out of gladness that there’s no reason to keep inside.  If you want to e-mail me about anything I’ve written here, feel free.


By the way – look out for showmanship tips on Sunday!

News on Rabbit Tattoos

March 10, 2013

baby polish rabbits

There’s a New Rule on Rabbit Tattoos

Let’s start with history:

Back in the old days, nearly everybody used clamp tattooers, right?  You pierce the ear, spread ink in the holes, coat it with petroleum jelly and hope you can still see it in two weeks…remember?  In those days, tattoo combinations were fairly limited.  My clamp came with just ten keys: 0-9.  So my bunnies got crazy tattoos such as 589273 and 41835.  Good luck trying to remember those.

Even if you spent the extra money and bought an A-Z set, you still only had one key of each letter and number.  So tattoos such as ABBY, BOOTS, and R2D2 were out of the question.

Another disadvantage was that you were limited to a certain number of characters.  My clamp tongs had room for six characters, but my 4-H leader’s could only take four.

But those, as I said, were the old days.  Like, when we all had dial-up.  Like, before Lionheads got insanely popular. Those days even dated back to the time when 80% of rabbit judges were men.

Today, in this post-post-post-modern era, it’s different.  Today bunnies get tattoos such as these:

rabbit tattoo

rabbit tattoo

rabbit tattoo

Or even:

rabbit tattoo


Tattoos that were perfectly legitimate in the days of clamps turned from this:

rabbit tattoo

to this:

rabbit tattoo

So what brought the change?

Here’s what: someone had an idea.  And ideas change the world.

Someone decided to take an electric toothbrush, replace the bristles with a cluster of needles, and thus produce a hand-held, battery-operated tattoo pen for rabbit breeders.   Brilliant, isn’t it?

I don’t know exactly when they first came on the market, but as soon as they started to catch on, these battery-operated tattooers spread among rabbit breeders as fast as Holland Lops did in the 1980’s.  Now they are much more common than the old clamps.  Even I, bunny budgeter extraordinaire, bought one of these new tattoo pens.  (Well actually, I traded the owner of some of my books for it…)

Pro’s and Con’s of Hand-held Rabbit Tattoo Pens

Breeders love them, because they don’t seem to hurt the rabbit as much, they take less nerve to use, they produce letters that are solid and small, and they work great for touch-ups.  And, of course, they offer a lot more flexibility.  We rabbit breeders are creative people.  We think it’s fantastic that we can now tattoo our rabbits with:


rabbit tattoo


But many judges and show secretaries are not as thrilled.  Some hand tattoos come out amazing, yes!  Some are much easier to read than clamps, yes!   But some come out looking like my messy handwriting.  Some are so small that judges have trouble reading them.  And the biggest problem with the new tattoos is the very flexibility that we breeders love.  Remember, we live in the post-post-post-modern age…or something like that.   Thus, ARBA registrars and show secretaries use computerized systems to handle their records, and it makes their jobs MUCH easier.  But there’s a catch: how do you enter a tattoo like this into a computer?


rabbit tattoo


And if you were a judge, would you WANT to read a tattoo like that in front of a whole showroom?

I wouldn’t.

Enter a Revised ARBA Show Rule

So the ARBA did something about it.  Just in the last month, the ARBA board approved a change to show rule 26.  According to my district director, the board approved the change unanimously.  And, having been a show secretary myself, I support their decision. It now reads:

SECTION 26. All animals must be permanently and legibly earmarked in the left ear. The tattoo is to only contain numerals 0-9 and/or letters A-Z.  The tattoo is to contain no language of a profane or sexual nature. 

We can do that, right?

By the way, there is still no limit to the number of characters in a rabbit’s tattoo.  However, if you want to be friendly to rabbit software programs, keep it to six or less.

And thus, ARBA has brought us into the post-post-post-post-modern age of rabbit tattoos.   That’s like saying we’re living in the future, isn’t it?


rabbit battery operated handheld tattoo penHey!  While we’re on the subject, check out this new handheld tattoo pen, developed by a tattoo artist with 20 years of experience.  It comes at a good price that includes goodies like All-Natural Bunny Balm to promote healing, and an indispensable ink well holder.  I recommend.

Free Rabbitry Record Sheets to Download and Print

March 2, 2013

(Scroll down to skip all the chit-chat and get straight to the free downloads.)

What Records should you keep to Raise Rabbits Successfully?

It’s  a fact: if you want to be successful in raising show rabbits, record keeping is vital.  But which ones really matter?

As a teen, I made up all kinds of record sheets for my bunnies.  I had record sheets to track nearly everything: litters, shows, feed economics, health, hereditary traits, rabbits sold, chores accomplished, show quality of developing juniors, you name it.  I had a lot more fun making record sheets than I had filling them out.  In fact, I hardly ever filled out most of them.

rabbit record keeping sheets to download and printEventually I cut the fat out of my record book.  It wasn’t as sophisticated anymore, but I trimmed it down to the records I actually kept and needed.  And I was left with the following:

Pedigrees of course:  (Hint: custom-designed pedigrees are more fun than software-generated ones.)

Rabbits Sold: Write down every bunny sold and who you sold it to.  That way, when someone contacts you about the rabbit they sold them, you’re not sitting there wondering which rabbit they bought.

Income and Expenses:  Not fun, but must be done.

Doe Breeding Cards:  This is important.  Tells you at a glance who was bred to who and when.  Easy reference to look up kits’ birth dates, as well as to keep track of which of your does consistently produce nice offspring.

Show records when Grand Champion Legs are won:  Placements that didn’t win legs became extraneous.  I mean, two years later, do we really care that Chad beat Rocky…AGAIN?

Handy Dandy Calendar:  To doodle on regarding show dates and due dates.

-The Rabbitry Journal:  All my other extraneous records begone, and enter the Journal.  This was the single most helpful record I kept.  Every Sunday I made an entry in the rabbitry journal, just rambling about what happened in the past week.  I made notes on how the breeding program was going, litters born and how they went.  I jotted a recap of shows I went to.  If I was trying out a new feed supplement or had to purchase pellets, I wrote it down.  If a bunny was sneezing, or I suspected one of having fur mites, I wrote it down.  Basically I jotted down any notable events that happened in the past week.  That way I could keep track of how my management practices were evolving and affecting the success of my rabbitry.  If a problem occurred, I could trace it back to where it began and what was happening at the time.

Download Free Printable Rabbit Record Charts

So – here you go.  Record sheets you can download and print for your very own.

To download, right-click either “pdf” or “word” under each icon.  Then click “save link as” if you are using firefox, or “save target as” if you are using IE.

Show Records – I used this one on a rabbitry-wide basis:  I only kept one sheet for the whole rabbitry and noted several rabbits’ placements on it in each show.  But you could print one of these for each rabbit if you prefer.
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD  or PDF


Doe Production Card
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


Rabbits Sold / Income Chart
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


Income Totals by Month/Year
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


Rabbitry Expenses List
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


Expenses Totals by Month/Year
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


The Rabbitry Journal – Design 1
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF


The Rabbitry Journal – Design 2
rabbitry expenses chart
Download: WORD or PDF

If you’re looking for more, Lindsey @ 4Kings Rabbitry has some cool record sheets to download at her site:

Printable Pedigree Templates

This one isn’t quite free, but it’s not expensive either.  We’ll design you a fully-custom pedigree with hand-drawn bunnies, then send you a printable Word template that you can fill in with your bunnies’ info and use as often as you like.  Cost is only $20.  Visit this page to learn more.  Sample designs below:

rabbit pedigree design
custom rabbit retro pedigree
pine lionhead rabbit pedigree design

Happy Recording!

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