English and German Angora Rabbits plus Fiber for Sale in Flordia

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It’s a lot of fun to build websites for rabbit breeders. As I dialogue with customers about their interests and as I get to see all their wonderful photos, it feels like I get a taste of their lives.  This time, I got wool in my mouth.

C&J Angoras is a rabbitry in north central Florida where Cindy and Jean raise beautiful wooled bunnies.  If you have a weakness for gazing at photos of  lovely silky bunnies, you’ll have lots of fun on their website!  Cindy harvests the wool from their English and German Angoras and dyes and/or spins it to produce yarn.  If you’d like to try your hand at knitting or spinning Angora, they offer skeins or raw fiber for sale right on their website.  Click the screenshot below to virtually visit this Florida rabbitry:


Angora Rabbitry with fiber for sale


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