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2012 ARBA Convention Wichita – News, Photos, and More

October 27, 2012

Looking for 2015 results from Portland, Oregon? Visit this current post! Click here.


The 2012 Results from Kansas are below.


Last update: 9:56 pm EST.  10/30   New breed/variety presentation results.  See bottom of page.


21,651 Rabbits and Cavies.   One Building.  An Unforgettable Experience.

The ARBA Convention.

I’m posting any  breed/variety/or class win results here as soon as I hear them.

If you hear any results, please let me know so others can see them.  Last year hundreds of people visited the results page looking for information during convention week, so you can help out a lot of interested people by sharing the news.  :)

Results below.  Also, you can gain a virtual convention experience at the following links:

-2012 ARBA Live webcams — watch the convention live and past videos:

-ARBA District 8 Director blogging daily from convention. Includes an overview of the ARBA board meetings so far.     Thanks Terry for the updates!

-2012 Entry numbers by breed, variety, and class

– 2012 Convention facebook page

-NCAG’s convention report, with photos  Thanks, Betty!


Open Results (Unofficial)

Best in Show – English Angora by Linda Cassella

Group 1 Winner – English Angora
group 2  Winner – New Zealand
group 3 Winner – Thrianta
group 4 Winner – Satin

English Angora:

BOB English Angora – Linda Cassella

BOS English Angora –  Cassella /Rhoden


French Angora:

BOB French Angora – Charlotte Schweikart, Colored senior doe

BOS French Angora –  Tina Vance, Ohio.  White buck


Giant Angora:

BOB Giant Angora – Ashley Shaw

BOS Giant Angora – Jack and Karen Bailey


Satin Angora:

BOB Satin Angora – Caroline Waskow

BOS Satin Angora – Dana Farber