Florida Holland Lop Breeder – Lazy Livin’ Farms

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Lop-eared Bunnies for Sale: Pet and Show Quality

Hey everyone!  If you haven’t seen it yet I’d like to invite you to check out Lazy Livin’ Farms: a small rabbitry with high-caliber Holland Lops for sale in Florida.   Located on the western part of the state in Citrus County, Lazy Livin’ Farms is owned by Wanda and her husband.   He raises Australian Lowline Angus, but her first love, critter-wise, is the Holland Lop breed.

Click the screenshot below to enter the site!

Holland Lops in Florida


It was a pleasure to help Wanda with her website!  Here are a few of her animals:


Beau, her herd buck.   Beau took BOSB at a recent show.

Holland Lop Bunny from Florida

Black Tort Male Holland Lop from Florida Breeder


This is Digit.  Isn’t that such a cute name?

Digit - cute holland lop bunny


Last but not least, a pile of baby Berkshire piglets!!!

Berkshire pig breeder in FLorida
Click to Visit Lazy Livin’ Farm

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