Are you looking for a pet hedgehog for sale in Colorado?

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Buy baby hedgehog north of Denver
I’d encourage you to check out Hedgehog Lane – a cute name for a loving breeder of these funny critters! I’ve been helping Evelyn develop a website for her African pygmy Hedgies and it has been fun learning about these interesting animals. Did you know that there are over 10 species of hedgehogs native to Africa and Europe, but the domestic pets we keep are probably a mix of a number of species? Did you know that it’s true: these funny critters can roll into a tight ball when they feel threatened? Did you know that they have super good hearing and are even able to hear in the ultrasonic range? (Hey! I wonder if that’s how Sonic the video game hedgie got his name!) I didn’t know these cool facts till I started working on her site. That’s why website building is so fun; you get a taste of different lives!
Did you know that baby ones – called hoglets – look like this???


Baby hedgehogs

This is an adult:

adult hedgehogs

It’s completely legal to own a hedgehog in Colorado and in most states, so if you’re intrigued by these funny fellows, visit the website below to learn more about them and see if you’d like to try your hand at ownership. From what Evelyn says, you’ll be highly rewarded! She has a number of babies and adults for sale as pets and breeding stock.


Buy baby hedgehog north of Denver

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