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Find a Rabbit Breeder in Michigan

March 31, 2012

If you haven’t seen it already, I have a very cool website to share with you:  The MRBC.  (Molty Ragged Bunnies Clique?)  No.

Find a rabbit breeder with bunnies for sale in Michigan

The Michigan Rabbit Breeders Connection brings free exposure to rabbit and cavy breeders, clubs, and businesses in the Great Lakes state.  If you are looking for a rabbit for sale in Michigan, this is the place to go.  Listings are categorized by breed name to make it easy to find the kind of bunny you want.  Although the MRBC can’t guarantee that your experience with these breeders will be positive, its operator Briana strives to maintain quality and integrity in the rabbitries that are listed.  In her words, “Only listings for rabbitries that are trying to better their breeds will be posted!”

Besides, isn’t the site wrapped in such an attractive layout and color scheme?    I’m definitely offering Briana a round of applause for this effort.

Submitting your link to a breeder’s directory, such as the MRBC or the Nature Trail, is a very effective way to bring it more exposure.  I spend quite a bit of time looking at rabbit website stats and can tell you that directories are often the biggest sources of incoming traffic for rabbitry websites.

In closing, thanks to Grace of Happy Farm Bunnies for the sweet picture below:

Cute blue Netherland Dwarf bunny small kit




“Never again…”

March 25, 2012

Found this buried in my old website files:

I can’t ever again…
…Say “polish” as in “nail polish”, with a short O sound.  It always comes out Polish with a long o… POWITH!
…Look at a Dwarf Hotot and think “Woah!  Lookit how big that rabbits eyes are!”  Instead its…”yeah that’s a nice width of eyebands, but a little feathered.”
…Hear of someone overpaying for something without thinking “I could buy a 4 hole 18×24 stack with that much $$$”
…Have a non-rabbit screen saver
…Tell you the dates of Fridays in a month.  However, on any given month I can rattle off all the dates of the Saturdays!
…Look at a picture and say “Oh how cute!”  Instead its  (if a crossbred)  “It looks like he’s got some __(blank)__ in him.”  or (if purebred) “I’d love to see him posed!”
…See someone’s pet rabbit without taking it out and listing its faults and DQ’s.
… See a VW Beetle without thinking it looks like a topline with an arch too far forward.

Have any to add?

Hoppin Circle Wrap Up – Feb 2012

March 23, 2012

Oak Ridge Rabbitry shows us the imporatance of being transparent in our rabbitry.

At Home Pets tells us how she breeds for health in her rabbitry.

The Kelfla Project shows us how they stay organized with a animal management application.

Fisher Farms Rabbitry shows us their set up for taking sassy pictures of their adorable buns.

Hendricks Hearth tackles a very important topic in The Hay Post.

Rabbit Smarties introduces us to the breed; Silver.

October Grace Rabbitry shares with us some of their dreams for their barn.