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$5 Business Card Designs for Rabbit Breeders

February 28, 2012

When I do a business card design for someone I send them multiple designs to choose from. The result is that I end up with a lot of extra unused designs. These are NOT resales – these are unused designs. So if anyone wants one of these, it would be just $5. Will customize for your info, of course, and can switch out the rabbit with one of your pics. I can do a new custom design as well for $25.

Custom Business Card Designs for Animal Owners

Business card design      biz cardbiz card     rabbitry biz cardrabbitry biz card

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Information on the Silver and Silver Fox Rare Rabbit Breeds

February 27, 2012
Featured Article- There is a breed called the SIlver


If I may state a humble opinion, I think that the most under-appreciated breed in the United States is the Silver.  Nope, not the Silver Marten.  Not the Silver Fox.   The Silver.

I got my first Silvers in 2004.  Since then, I have met many rabbit exhibitors who are not aware that this breed exists.   I’ve seen them missing on lists of breed on different websites.   Sometimes, if I mention that I raise silvers,  people take it to mean Silver Foxes or Silver Martens.  Those are both cool breeds, but I’m talking about something entirely different.  It weighs about five pounds.  It comes in three colors, each interspersed with glittering white hairs.  It’s built like a rock; feels like no other rabbit I’ve touched.  Its fur is short and sleek and snappy.  It’s a Silver.  Would you like to see one?

Silver Rabbit


A Rare Breed In Danger

Despite the fact that the Silver has been known as a breed since the sixteenth century, in America today this unique rabbit is in danger of extinction.  The Silver is recognized as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.   This means that there are currently fewer than 100 annual registrations in the United States and estimated global population is less than 1,000. [Source: ALBC]

I’ve served as the National Silver Rabbit Club’s webmaster for over six years.  Seeing this club from the inside, I’m even more concerned about the future of this breed.  The Silver, yes absolutely, has a following of die-hard breeders.  The problem is, most of these breeders are in their 60’s and 70’s.  I don’t see much of a younger generation raising this breed.  The heritage breed enthusiasts in this country are eagerly promoting rare rabbits such as the American and the Blanc de Hotot, but the Silver seems to slide under many people’s notice.

Silver-Fox-Marten: Is there a difference?


So what are the differences between the three breeds with “Silver” in their name?  Let’s start by setting aside the Silver Marten: (more…)

Keeping Baby Bunnies Safe – Touch them, keep them warm and dry.

February 13, 2012

I received some questions via email from a breeder who I believe is taking very good care of her first litter of Holland Lops  I thought some of these tips would be helpful to other new rabbit rasiers as well.  As this was originally an e-mail, it’s written in second person.

Touching newborn dwarf rabbit

It's just fine to handle newborn rabbits. Photo by Grace of Happy Farm Bunnies

Will the Mom Kill Baby Holland Lops – or any breed –  if you Touch Them?

It’s a myth that even some wild animals reject their young when people touch them, let alone your rabbit who is very used to human smells, and associates it with food and petting.

It IS important to touch your baby rabbits.  Very important.  There are several reasons.  You need to make sure there are not any dead ones that can contaminate the nest.  You need to see if they are being fed.  You need to make sure none have gone missing.  I’ve had kits crawl out of the box and out of the cage and I found them, still alive, in the drop pan beneath the cage, or somewhere else on the barn floor.   Also, you need to check their bottoms.  Newborns cannot go potty without help.  Usually the doe licks their genitals to stimulate them, but still they can get a blockage.  If caught early, you can clear it away easily.  If it’s not cleared it can lead to a nasty buildup and even infection.

Also, handling your kits from the time they are very little gets them used to human interaction.  This will make them more friendly as adults and better companions.


ARBA Standard of Perfection 2012 Changes – New Varieties and More

February 8, 2012
Announcement! If you are a youth member studying for the 2013 ARBA Convention, we are having an online group quiz/study night on every Sunday evening leading up to Convention. Dates are Sept 22, Oct 5, and Oct 13. Anyone is welcome. The place is Contact me if you have any questions.
Silver marten Mini Rex Rabbit blue

A lovely blue Silver Marten Mini Rex - Now Fully Recognized. Photo by the Fuzzy Patch



Happy February!  That means  that this year’s updates to the ARBA Show Rules and Standard of Perfection are now in effect. (As of Feb. 1).  If you’re planning to compete in 4-H rabbit showmanship, royalty, breed identification, quiz bowls and so forth this year, you will want to know this stuff.

As you may be aware, five new varieties of rabbits and cavies were recognized by the ARBA at the convention last fall, and as of this month can now be shown in regular competition.  If you’ve purchased the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide in the past year, you will want to make note of this in the appropriate places.   The most notable change is in the Rhinelander breed, which now recognizes blue/fawn spotted bunnies as well as black/orange.  The original black/orange color, which to this point was known as “standard,”  is now called “black” as the REGISTRATION variety.  The new variety is called “blue” as the registration variety.  However, both colors are shown together as “Standard”so the showroom classification is still “Standard.  Here’s a quick chart:

2012 New ARBA-Recognized Varieties of Rabbits and Cavies


New Variety

Showroom Classification

Registration Name

American Cavy Martenin colors black, blue, beige, chocolate, and lilac Tan Pattern Marten
American Cavy Gold Any Other Self*NOT shown separately, but in the Any Other Self Group Gold
Mini Rex Silver Martenin colors black, blue, chocolate, lilac Silver Marten Black Silver MartenBlue Silver MartenChocolate Silver Marten

Lilac Silver Marten

Netherland Dwarf Blue Torotiseshell*note that it’s tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell*shown with the regular torts as tortoiseshell.  NOT shown as shaded group. Blue Tortoiseshell
Rhinelander Blue Standard Blue
Blue Tortoiseshell Netherland dwarf bunny

Blue Tortoiseshell Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. Photo by the Fuzzy Patch



You can download the Standard of Perfection for these colors from the ARBA website,and I highly recommend you do so if you’re studying for Breed ID, royalty, showmanship, or a judges/registrar’s exam.

You’ll also want to download the ARBA show rules and read them.  As you may have heard, there have been some recent changes that are listed on the ARBA announcements page.  As this stuff is “news,” it will likely be in royalty exams this year.  The most recent change now allows Legs of Grand Championship for Reserve in Show, Best 4-class, and Best 6-class wins when they are awarded.   All shows are required to pick BIS.  All shows are NOT required to pick Reserve in Show, Best 4-class, or Best 6-class.  However, when shows choose to offer these awards, the ARBA now allows it a leg.

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the corrections to the first printing of the 2011-2015 ARBA Standard of Perfection.

Details, Details!

Rabbit 4-H Showmanship Guide, Breed ID and Judging Contest Tips and More

If you haven’t seen the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide yet, I welcome you to take a peek at the sample pages below!  This book is based on my experiences as a 4-H’er and ARBA Royalty participant. When I was in 4-H it took me a very long time to learn how to successfully raise rabbits and compete in contests such as showmanship, breed identification, and team judging.  When I did get to successfully competing on the national level, it just came naturally to produce materials to guide other kids there.

For more information, check out the Study Guide’s Own Page. Here are a few sample pages for you to look at:

rabbit breed id guide

Click for larger image

Rabbit 4-H Showmanship Guide Sample Page

Click for larger image -- Showmanship Guide

Rabbit Meat Pen Project Tips

Click for larger image -- Meat Pens

Rabbit Body Type Judging Information

Click for larger image -- body types

Additional Book Features in the New Edition

  • Guide to choosing your course in the project
  • Judging contest tips from an ARBA judge
  • Expanded Breed ID Guide
  • Additional leader’s tips
  • Polish Breed Judging Handout
  • Rabbit Royalty Practice Questions
  • Updated to reflect 2012 Standard of Perfection
  • Still reproducible within your 4-H club.

Banner Design Samples – Attractive Rabbitry Websites

February 7, 2012

Been spending some quality time in Photoshop lately.  Here’s what happened.

Rabbitry Business Card Design cute holland lops

Affordable Custom Business Card Design


Sunny Bunnies Farm Business Card Design


Sunflower text oriented Holland lop bunny banner

Dog Kennel Used as Sample

facebook page banner customization for dog kennels

(Non-official) Logo – The Hoppin’ Circle.

cute bunny logo graphic

Hoppin Circle Blog Network – January Round-Up

February 5, 2012

Hey have you checked out the new Rabbitry Blogging Network, the Hoppin’ Circle?  It’s a pretty cool deal, connecting bloggers and introducing people to the breeders behind them.

I was honored to be the first “Blogger of the Month” for the Hoppin’ Circle.  You can check out the interview here if you’re interested!

Bloggers’ Top Posts from January:

Fisher Farms shows us her wonderful
show results and ribbons. Congrats Clint on your first leg!

The Kelfla Project shares some scientific tidbits centered around rabbits.

Bella’s Rabbitry tells us about
new stock she has coming in, and announces that she isn’t selling out completely, after all.

At Home Pets tells us of a nice experience she had with a buyer.

4 Kings Rabbitry gives us a peek inside her extremely organized rabbitry by showing us her binder.

The Rabbit Shepherd shows that even rabbits can be supermodels.

Breeding goals are always important to have in a rabbitry. Hendricks Hearth shares some of theirs.

Rabbit Smarties is back to blogging with her post on the Rocky Syndrome.

The Fuzzy Patch shares some great changes they have planned for their herd.

The Nature Trail shows off an adorable picture of a Smoke Pearl Netherland Dwarf.